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Using Parenting Experts After Separation

Divorce and separation can be a stressful, and emotional time for everyone involved; particularly when there are children and the family is changing structurally, functionally and emotionally. From living arrangements, parenting time, and new partners.

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How Can I Challenge a Prenuptial Agreement in BC?

Occasionally, after a separation, one spouse may be less than happy with an existing prenuptial agreement or cohabitation agreement. Maybe because it severely limits their spousal support or leaves them with little property. So, what are the steps needed in British Columbia to challenge a prenuptial agreement? 

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Spousal Support Basics

What is spousal support, and how will it affect my future? Spousal support, or what many people call alimony, is a payment from one spouse to the other to recognize the economic advantages and disadvantages arising from the relationship or its breakdown.

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RRSP’s in Divorce and Separation: Don’t Forget the Taxes

When dividing matrimonial property in a separation or divorce one of the biggest questions that we get is, “How do my spouse and I divide our RRSP’s?” & Is it Better to Transfer RRSP’s or Keep Them, and Pay my Spouse Out of Other Assets?

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Parenting After Separation Courses

Separation and divorce are confusing times for families, particularly when dealing with children. Luckily, there are resources that are provided to help people find information on how to properly navigate the process. 

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Pre-Nuptial Agreements: Who are they good for?

When people think about pre-nuptial agreements the idea often brings to mind wealthy celebrities entering into contracts because they know their marriage is not going to last. It is important to realize that these types of agreements are not just for the wealthy.

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What documents do I need to provide my spouse after separation?

The exchange of information is critical in any family law case. Without the exchange of relevant information neither side in a legal action may know what their claim is, what their chance of success may be, or even if they have a case at all.

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What’s Mine is Ours, Unless it Isn’t: Matrimonial Property

When a married couple decides to get a divorce, one of the major issues that must be settled is division of property. Division of matrimonial property is governed by the Matrimonial Property Act in Alberta and the Family Law Act in BC.

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How to Get a Divorce: Six Things You Will Need to Do

Once the decision has been made to end a marriage many people want to know how quickly they can get divorced. A divorce is a court order that legally ends a marriage. Unmarried spouses do not need to get divorced. In Canada, the Divorce Act governs the requirements for all divorces.

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Beyond monthly child support: who pays for the dentist and soccer?

When parents separate they learn fairly quickly that there are two types of child support in Canada. These types of support are called section 3 and section 7 child support. These sections refer to different sections of the Child Support Guidelines.

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How do I Force the Sale of Our Family Home?

Your ex stuck you with the bill for the family home, took off and you can’t afford to continue to pay the mortgage. Debt is adding up, and the taxes are due. Foreclosure is a real possibility. You need your ex to sign off on selling the property, and they refuse. How do you protect your credit, and the equity in the home? One option is to force to sale of the matrimonial home.

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What Age Can You Leave a Child Home Alone?

The family law lawyers at Crossroads Law are often asked how old a child should be before he or she can be left at home alone. In Canada, only three provinces establish a minimum age at which children can be left home alone.

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You are not the Father: In Loco Parentis

Step-parents can be held responsible for paying child support. The term “in loco parentis” is Latin for “in place of a parent” and this is the term used by the courts for step-parent. This term is used in situations involving a person who is not a biological parent, but has taken on responsibilities for the child, like a parent would.

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I Need a Divorce Now: Severing Corollary Relief

Corollary relief is something that a party seeks from the Court, that is in addition to the main relief they are seeking. In family law matters, corollary relief is most often understood as referring to issues of spousal support, child support, parenting, and division of property.  The main relief being sought from the Court is a Divorce Judgement, but related to the divorce itself are a host of issues that the parties need to deal with as they begin to untangle their lives.  

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Custody of a Furbaby After Separation: Pets as Property

It is very clear that people love their pets. There are now pet spas and salons and pets can even get acupuncture. When divorce happens the issue of who gets Fluffy often arises and some people also want to know if they can claim support for pets like they would for children.

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Don’t Get Tricked into A False Mediation

Mediation is always best… or is it? Many lawyers will propose mediation automatically as the default starting point in a family law dispute. While mediation is often the best place to start, sometimes starting with mediation can lead to wasted time and resources.

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Get Out of Town! Moving With Your Child in BC

After a separation, many people wish to restart their lives in a new city, and more often than not, a place where there is new opportunity. Our clients often say to us, “I want to move with my child (or children), how do I do that?” Moving with your child or children in British Columbia requires several steps before you can relocate.