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right to pension crossroadslaw
Does my spouse have a right to my pension?

Across provinces, Canadian family law legislation interprets “property” to include real and personal property, including all interests in that property, contingent or vested.

Is Cryptocurrency Considered Matrimonial Property2
Is Cryptocurrency Considered Matrimonial Property?

As the interest in cryptocurrency investments continues to grow, a key question for separating or divorcing Canadians has been whether they must disclose and include their cryptocurrency when dividing matrimonial property.

children best interest
Applying to Court for Parenting? Here's what you can expect.

Parenting is one of the most important and most common issues in the Court system, and ‘best interest’ of children often prompts people to want to move as quickly as possible. However, when going to Court, many are surprised...

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Ask a Family Lawyer - Mediation Part 1

Check out our first video on mediation where Crossroads Law’s founder, Marcus Sixta, discusses the benefits of mediation over court as well as other forms of dispute resolution. Stay tuned for more!

BC Surrogacy Gone Wrong
BC Surrogacy Gone Wrong

In a highly unusual set of circumstances, a BC woman is seeking to be declared the legal parent of a 4-year-old girl, notwithstanding any surrogacy arrangement entered into with the child’s guardians.

CMC Divorce Act Changes
The Divorce Act Has Changed... How?

Changes made to the Divorce Act on March 1, 2021 need to be understood by people going through the divorce process. For those already divorced, you might notice some tweaks to the language and terms.

How does a separation affect your will
How does a separation affect your will?

Let’s say you have a Will in place. You named your spouse as a beneficiary and perhaps your young children as secondary beneficiaries, just in case something were to happen to you and your spouse.

Does failure to pay child support lead to jail time
Does failure to pay child support lead to jail time?

At Crossroads Law, we often receive inquiries from parents owed child support and wanting help to ensure child support is paid. Generally, the first step is to register the Court Order with the Maintenance Enforcement Program (“MEP”).

the case for mediation over court
The Case for Mediation Over Court

Many people are disappointed to find that after going through a stressful, lengthy and expensive legal battle, not everything is settled. Fortunately, there is a better way: mediation.

mediation is it one size fits all
Mediation: Is It One Size Fits All?

Contrary to perception, there are different models of mediation that can be used for your particular Family or Divorce action. Knowing the models available can likely help you decide what would be best for your unique situation.

supervised parenting a cautionary tale
Supervised Parenting – A Cautionary Tale

Supervised parenting time can be considered one step away from a complete termination of access. It is not meant to be a permanent solution, and is only necessary in exceptional circumstances where a child’s physical or emotional safety are at risk with a parent.

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