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Navigating Family Law 


Crossroads Law is pleased to announce that lawyer David Kim has joined our Calgary office

David is a family lawyer and civil litigator who also has a background in real estate law.

How To Appeal A Provincial Court Order In British Columbia

You went to trial in a family law case in the Provincial Court of British Columbia and received a final order. You think the trial judge made a mistake and the order needs to be set aside or changed in some way.

Welcome to Calgary family lawyer Kristin McDonald

Crossroads Law continues to grow and develop a stellar team of family lawyers from diverse backgrounds, and we are excited to announce the addition of Kristin McDonald, our newest family lawyer in Calgary.

How to divide parenting time over the holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…until a parenting-time disagreement.

What can I do if my ex takes our children out of the country and refuses to return?

International child abduction is a growing issue, becoming more and more common, in family law.

Exciting opportunities with the fastest growing family law firm in Western Canada

Our Calgary office is hiring family lawyers who are looking for a busy, dynamic, flexible and innovative environment.

The Protection Order: What is it and How Does it Work?

Individuals subject to family violence in a family law case often seek a Protection Order from the court.

How do you terminate Guardianship Under the Family Law Act?

We often see disputes occurring between guardians in family law cases.

Remarrying After Separation

Even people who have experienced a difficult separation often find themselves falling in love again.

Expert Witnesses for Children with Special Needs

At Crossroads Law, we have represented many families who have children with special needs. Parents who are separated often encounter disputes about parenting time and child support.