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Navigating the Legalities of Assisted Reproduction

If you are seeking to build your family through third-party reproduction - with the help of a donor or surrogate - Crossroads Law knows how to protect your legal interests. We understand that you have faced many difficult challenges prior to meeting with us, and we will guide you through the rest of your journey to parenthood with compassion and care. For surrogates and donors (sperm, egg or embryo), we will advise you and provide legal support as you help a family achieve their dream of having children. We recognize that this process can be life-changing, and we will support your needs. For those with disputes about the use of reproductive material, including frozen embryos or gametes, we can help you navigate through the legal complexities and decide on the best course of action. 

"I recently had Melissa Salfi help me with a surrogacy agreement. Me being the surrogate. Not only was she knowledgeable and professional, she was a kind and caring human. 100% recommend her!"

Comprehensive Fertility Law Services

At Crossroads Law, we are passionate about helping you grow your family and we are pleased to help heterosexual couples, LGBTQ couples and single individuals who want to have children through sperm donation, egg donation, and/or surrogacy. We are also fierce advocates for those engaged in conflicts over reproductive material such as frozen embryos or gametes.

“I highly recommend Melissa Salfi at Crossroads Law for any type of fertility law. She helped my partner and I navigate the process of a legal contract for a sperm donor quickly and thoughtfully. She is passionate about helping families like ours and she is an incredible ally to the LGBTQ+ community. She made it so easy for my partner and I to understand the entire contract she put together, and the entire process. We had an amazing experience with her.”


  • advocacy and mediation for disputes over reproductive material such as embryos and gametes (egg or sperm)
  • court applications for declarations of parentage
  • donor agreements: sperm, egg, and embryo
  • independent legal advice on fertility agreements for surrogates, donors, and intended parents
  • surrogacy agreements for parents and surrogates

Our Approach to Fertility Law

At Crossroads Law, we understand the unique sensitivities surrounding fertility law. We offer a complimentary 20-minute initial consultation to discuss your fertility law needs. Whether you prefer an in-person meeting, a phone call, or a video conference, we're flexible to accommodate your preferences.

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