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Mediation Checklist for Divorce
Mediation Checklist for Divorce

In real estate, it’s ‘location, location, location’. In divorce mediation, it’s ‘preparation, preparation, preparation’.

How to choose the best divorce mediator
How to choose the best divorce mediator

Choosing a mediator is a difficult decision. If you speak to any family lawyer, they will have different opinions on the attributes and skills of a divorce mediator.

Crossroads Mediation
Ask a Family Lawyer - Mediation Part 2

In this video, Family Lawyer, Fertility Lawyer and Mediator, Melissa Salfi defines mediation and outlines what you can expect from a mediation process.

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Ask a Family Lawyer - Mediation Part 1

Check out our first video on mediation where Crossroads Law’s founder, Marcus Sixta, discusses the benefits of mediation over court as well as other forms of dispute resolution. Stay tuned for more!

the case for mediation over court
The Case for Mediation Over Court

Many people are disappointed to find that after going through a stressful, lengthy and expensive legal battle, not everything is settled. Fortunately, there is a better way: mediation.

mediation is it one size fits all
Mediation: Is It One Size Fits All?

Contrary to perception, there are different models of mediation that can be used for your particular Family or Divorce action. Knowing the models available can likely help you decide what would be best for your unique situation.

mediation minus the lawyers
Mediation Minus the Lawyers

Engage any legal professional and they will advise that mediation is a proven method of dispute resolution.

Three women talking at a corner office boardroom table
What is Collaborative Divorce and is it right for you?

Collaborative Divorce in Vancouver, also known as Collaborative Practice or Collaborative Law, is a voluntary and private dispute resolution process in which the parties commit to settling their matter outside of Court.

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What to expect in your family law mediation

Mediation is a great way to proceed in a family law case. We always canvass the possibility of mediation before going to court because mediation usually results in less acrimony after separation, it typically costs less than litigating a family law matter and because the mediation process is faster than court.

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Why Choose Mediation in a Divorce?

Separation and divorce can create a situation where neither party wants to work with the other in order to resolve their family law issues. However, in our experience family law mediation is a much better way to resolve a family law case

Two men hand a document to a concerned woman
Don’t Get Tricked into A False Mediation

Mediation is always best… or is it? Many lawyers will propose mediation automatically as the default starting point in a family law dispute. While mediation is often the best place to start, sometimes starting with mediation can lead to wasted time and resources.

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