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Everything You Need to Know About Adult Interdependent Partnerships in Alberta

When two people get married, they enjoy new rights and benefits, such as the right to divide family property upon divorce. Historically, under the law, these rights were exclusively reserved for married people.

Time Limitation Periods for when a Marriage-Like Relationship Ends in BC

While marriage continues to be the most common form of union in Canada, a growing number of Canadians are opting for common-law or ‘marriage-like’ relationships instead.

Are you in marriage-like relationship?

Marriage-like relationships, sometimes referred to as common-law relationships, are becoming more common in British Columbia.

The Perfect Valentine’s Gift – An Engagement and a Pre-nup?

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, many couples will be celebrating by getting engaged.

Remarrying After Separation

Even people who have experienced a difficult separation often find themselves falling in love again.

Prenuptial and Cohabitation Agreements in Alberta: More Than Money on Global News Radio

Marcus Sixta sits down with Faisal Karmali and Dave Popowich from More Than Money on Global News Radio to answer some common questions about prenuptial and cohabitation agreements in Alberta.

What Rights do Gay Couples in Common Law Relationships Have?

Is there a difference in the legal rights afforded to marriages and common law relationship for LGBTQ couples? I am often asked about legal rights for a gay or lesbian marriage or common law relationship. Vancouver LGBTQ communities have had a strong history of activism and have been integral in the fight for equal marriage rights, but many are still confused as to what the law is now especially for common law couples.

How to Choose a Better Jurisdiction for a Prenuptial Agreement

When people move from one province to another, or even from one country to another, it can create issues for the enforcement of a prenuptial agreement or cohabitation agreement.

Explaining the Prenup: What it is, and why Kanye told you to get one

Our founder, Marcus Sixta, was recently interviewed by the Daily Hive to explain to people the importance of creating a prenuptial agreement, not only when you are getting married, but also for couples who have lived together for two years. 

How Can I Challenge a Prenuptial Agreement in BC?

Occasionally, after a separation, one spouse may be less than happy with an existing prenuptial agreement or cohabitation agreement. Maybe because it severely limits their spousal support or leaves them with little property. So, what are the steps needed in British Columbia to challenge a prenuptial agreement?