Tanya Thakur

Family Lawyer / Legal Coach
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Tanya Thakur

Tanya Thakur

Tanya is a family lawyer, trained in collaborative law and litigation. Recognizing that separation is often an enormously difficult time for each family, she is committed to providing clients with tailored, well-researched, and thoughtful advice that best suits their unique needs and goals. Striving to minimize the stress of separation, Tanya goes above and beyond to ensure her clients are properly informed of their options and all possible outcomes available to them. She has assisted clients with a wide range of family law issues, including: 

  • Cohabitation and marriage agreements, including agreements involving complex property and support issues; 
  • guardianship applications
  • parenting issues
  • family violence concerns
  • child support 
  • spousal support 
  • property and debt division
  • adoptions.  

Advocating for Family-Centred Solutions  

Tanya recognizes that going to court can be both emotionally and financially draining. Dedicated to finding solutions that prioritize the well-being of your family, she works tirelessly to advocate for family-focused settlements. If a resolution outside of the courtroom is not possible, Tanya is prepared to advocate for her clients’ interests in court. Committed to efficiency, Tanya strives to develop cost-effective strategies designed to expedite successful outcomes. To facilitate delivery of cost-effective services, Tanya also provides legal coaching – a service that has already empowered clients to achieve favorable results in two separate trials. 

Empowering Clients with Trauma-Informed Support 

Tanya has represented clients at BC Provincial Court and Supreme Court, including representing clients at multi-day trials. Outside of court, Tanya has attended and achieved successful outcomes for clients at mediations, mediation-arbitrations, and arbitrations.

Tanya has received training in family violence, collaborative practice, trauma-informed legal practice, and mediation. An enthusiastic learner, Tanya keeps herself well-informed of the latest developments in law and practice. In addition, Tanya leverages her expertise by training legal advocates and law students, covering an expansive range of topics, including family violence, affidavit drafting, presenting evidence in court, alternative dispute resolution, relocation, child and spousal support issues, and legal ethics.

Devoted to Serving the Community 

Tanya is an active volunteer in the legal community and a strong believer in providing accessible legal services. She is proud to serve on the Board of Directors for Rise Women’s Legal Services. She is a supervising lawyer for Pro Bono Students’ Canada, in partnership with Battered Women Support Services. She also provides summary legal advice on behalf of Access Pro Bono and Vancouver & Lower Mainland Family Support Services. Tanya is on the Organizing Committee for BGuilded Debate Society where she helps organize law-themed humorous debates. 

While in law school, Tanya spent a full semester as a clinician at Rise Women’s Legal Centre and received the Jack T. Edwards Memorial Award in Law for her dedication to helping clients in the program. She is fluent in Hindi.

Fluent in Hindi, Tanya spends her time reading, travelling, and spending quality time with her family and friends - including her two cats Rumi & Peach. 

Reported Decisions

Visit our Reported Decisions page to discover more cases that showcase the exceptional legal advocacy provided by Crossroads Law.

K.H.D. v O.O.M, 2021 BCSC 18082021

Counsel of Record: Tanya Thakur

Case Summary: In this complex family case, Tanya Thakur successfully obtained a finding of family violence for the mother. While the court acknowledged that there had been a history of family violence, it also noted steps the father was taking to address his conduct. The court decided to vary the existing protection order against the father to exclude the children and remove the requirement for the father's parenting time to be supervised. As a result, the father was granted unsupervised weekend parenting time on an interim basis.

S.R.B. v. N.J.D.B., 2021 BCPC 2182021

Counsel of Record: Tanya Thakur

Case Summary: Tanya Thakur successfully represented the mother in this complex child custody and support case. The court upheld the existing parenting schedule, where the children primarily reside with the mother. The court also ruled in favour of the mother for child support and a proportionate share of the children's daycare costs, ensuring her financial stability and the well-being of the children.

Bandpey v Talebpourazad, 2021 BCSC 7632021

Counsel of Record: Tanya Thakur

Case Summary: Tanya Thakur was successful in helping the claimant in this high-stakes divorce matter. The court set aside an existing marriage agreement and acknowledged that the defendant held undisclosed foreign assets. The claimant was granted a favourable division of assets, sole conduct of the sale of the family home, and lump sum spousal support.


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