Amanda Marsden

Managing Lawyer, Calgary / Sr. Family Lawyer / Estate Planning Lawyer

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Prior to working in the area of family law, Amanda gained experience at a large national law firm where she learned to appreciate and understand the complexity of corporate law.

This has been a significant asset for her in family law as it gives her an edge when working on high net-worth property settlements.

Amanda also has a background in psychology and this experience helps her to navigate the difficult emotional issues that clients can face when going through a separation. She knows how to help her clients through the court system while dealing with one of the most difficult emotional experiences they will ever have. Amanda believes that each of her clients is unique and deserves individualized treatment which demonstrates sensitivity to their position.

Amanda is passionate about ensuring that her clients have a solid understanding of the legal issues arising from their situation. She will work to present the law in a way that is clear and accessible. She will strive to help you feel that you are in control of your own situation and that your voice is heard throughout every stage of the legal process.

Amanda believes that in most cases a negotiated settlement is the best outcome and she attempts to use alternative dispute resolution whenever possible. In some situations however, litigation is required and she is a strong advocate in court when this becomes necessary.

In her spare time, Amanda enjoys travelling with family, running and gardening.


Amanda Marsden

Phone Number: 1-877-445-2627 ext. 105

"Amanda is a very caring and companionate individual with a big heart and a level of understanding and commitment that goes above and beyond. From the very first time I spoke with her, I knew she would put the needs of my family and I first."