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Sr. Family Lawyer
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Cori Molloy

Cori Molloy

Cori Molloy is a senior family lawyer in Vancouver dedicated to providing holistic, and pragmatic legal support to ensure clients are successful now and in the future.

Empathetic Advocacy, Proven Results

Raised by a lawyer-negotiator and a social worker, and influenced by her own divorce experience, Cori is a steadfast advocate who takes an empathetic yet objective approach. Understanding the unique and intricate dynamics of each family, Cori approaches every case with thoughtful resolve and care. Her calm and open demeanor helps clients feel at ease, encouraging them to discuss their legal matters candidly and honestly.

Originally from the Canadian prairies, Cori began her career working alongside an accomplished family lawyer, now a judge in the Family Law Division of Saskatchewan’s Court of Queen’s Bench. She also completed a court clerkship in Saskatoon, where she gained invaluable experience in getting a “behind the bench” view of judges’ decision-making processes. These formative experiences established the foundation for her diverse skill set and legal acumen, paving the way for her successful legal practice.

Tailored Strategies for Long-Term Success

Her extensive legal expertise spans corporate commercial law, mergers and acquisitions, and in-house university counsel specializing in research contracts. Coupled with her experience as a successful business owner, Cori brings a well-rounded perspective, providing meaningful and strategic advice that has proven to be particularly beneficial to clients with complex property or business interests.

As a family lawyer, Cori has decades of experience working with families across a broad spectrum of family law issues, including but not limited to:

  • Divorce and separation
  • Parenting
  • Child and spousal support
  • Family property division, including complex corporate asset division
  • Jurisdictional challenges
  • Exclusive occupancy rights

A firm believer in the power of collaboration, Cori leverages her extensive network of professionals, from financial planners to parenting coaches, ensuring comprehensive support for her clients. She emphasizes mediation and tailored settlements over litigation, viewing court as a last resort. However, she recognizes its value as a strategic tool when necessary and is experienced in representing clients at both the Provincial and Supreme Court levels.

Outside of the office, Cori is actively involved in her community, contributing as a committee member for the Canuck Place Gift of Time Gala and delivering CLE accredited talks. She is also a devoted mother to three adult daughters, an avid hiker, yoga enthusiast, and enjoys spending time with friends, trying out new restaurants.

* Corinne A. Molloy Law Corporation

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