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The Collaborative Divorce Process: A Compassionate Path to Resolution

Divorce is often seen as a contentious and emotionally draining process, with images of courtroom battles and bitter disputes coming to mind. However, an alternative approach known as collaborative divorce is gaining popularity for its emphasis on cooperation and mutual respect.

Navigating High-Conflict Divorce & Separation

Divorce and separation can be emotionally challenging for any couple. However, in some cases, the conflicts can rise to extreme levels, resulting in what is known as high-conflict separation and divorce.

Who Has the Burden of Proof in Relocation Applications? An Alberta Case Study of Nurmi v Nurmi

When parents separate or divorce, relocation of a child may become a contentious issue.

How Bankruptcy Impacts Child Support, Spousal Support, and Costs in Family Law Cases

As family lawyers, we sometimes encounter questions about the impact of bankruptcy on child support, spousal support, and cost awards in family law matters.

Calgary Family Lawyer, Cody Stokowski, joins the Crossroads Law team

Cody P. Stokowski is an experienced family lawyer based in Calgary, known for his versatility and dedication to helping clients find practical solutions to complex disputes.

Are you in marriage-like relationship?

Marriage-like relationships, sometimes referred to as common-law relationships, are becoming more common in British Columbia.

How truthful do you have to be with your lawyer?

Family law matters can be some of the most emotionally charged and sensitive situations that a person goes through.

Non-recurring Gains and Determination of Income for the Purposes of Calculating Child Support

In many ways, the Federal Child Support Guidelines have simplified the determination of monthly child support payments and the proportion of extraordinary expenses each parent is responsible for paying.

Can I stop paying spousal support when I retire?

A question that often comes up in family law is whether payment of spousal support can end upon retirement. Moving to a fixed income must have an impact on spousal support, right?

What is spousal support entitlement?

One of the most contentious disputes that comes up in family law is around the issue of spousal support – how much am I owed or how much do I have to pay (if anything), and how does it get calculated?