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Matthew Katsionis

Matthew Katsionis

Matthew Katsionis is an experienced trial lawyer in Vancouver who practices exclusively in family law and utilizes his civil litigation and criminal law experience to his client’s benefit. Prior to his legal career, Matthew was a teacher. This cross-section of experience provides him with a unique understanding of both the court system, and the family dynamic, which serves his clients well.

Strategies for Complex Family Law & Financial Issues 

Matthew attends to all aspects of a family law case including parenting, guardianship, divorce, child support, spousal support, and property division. He also has experience handling cases with corporations and business interests, as well as high-net worth individuals that require an acute understanding of corporations, various financial assets, and liabilities.

Balancing Negotiation and Advocacy for Comprehensive Solutions 

Matthew takes a rational and logical approach to his cases. He believes that negotiation and mediation should always be the starting point. However, if the case cannot be resolved and must go to trial, he is prepared and adept at advocating for his clients. Matthew is experienced in drafting cohabitation, marriage, and separation agreements, including highly complex agreements involving a wide range of assets.

Candid Communication for Informed Decisions 

Matthew is open, honest, and up-front with his clients about their case so that they can make informed decisions throughout their matter.

Matthew has multiple published decisions on a wide range of family law issues such as:

  • Hiding income and imputation of income
  • Corporate and business issues
  • High-income earners
  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Retroactive child support
  • Retroactive spousal support
  • Complex property division and liabilities
  • Excluded property
  • Protection orders and restraining orders

When not in the office, Matthew spends his time on the basketball court, weightlifting, playing ice hockey, skiing, golfing, and spending time his two children.

* Matthew Katsionis Law Corporation

Reported Decisions

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Wang v Lapke, 2021 BCSC 27402021

Counsel of Record: Matthew Katsionis

Case Summary: Matthew Katsionis successfully represented the respondent in this family law case concerning dual citizenship for the parties children. Despite the claimant's push for Taiwanese citizenship, the court ruled in favor of the respondent, emphasizing the potential risks and complications involved in the matter. The decision not only safeguarded the children's well-being but also awarded costs to the respondent, affirming the need for careful consideration in cross-border family disputes. This outcome underscores the court's cautious approach to issues of international citizenship in family law. Raphaelle Labman · Fri, Apr 5

Nott v Nott, 2020 BCSC 19622020

Counsel of Record: Matthew Katsionis

Case Summary: Matthew Katsionis successfully defended the respondent husband who had separated from his wife in 2011 and had a consent order in place since 2013. The claimant wife tried to overturn this order, claiming that her husband had lied about his income. The court found that the husband had not misrepresented his financial situation, especially as the wife had been his sole bookkeeper for nearly two decades. The wife's application to set aside the existing consent order was dismissed, maintaining the original terms.

Stewart v Bosacki, 2023 BCCA 263 2017

Counsel of Record: Matthew Katsionis

Case Summary: Matthew Katsionis successfully represented the respondent husband in this complex family law dispute. The applicant wife sought multiple orders, including fines and back payments for child support. The husband managed to delay the hearing to properly prepare his case, although he was ordered to pay $10,000 for the delays. An attempt to appeal this fee was not successful, but it was a minor issue given the larger context and ongoing legal battle.


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