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Marcus M. Sixta

Marcus M. Sixta

Marcus is an award-winning family lawyer in Alberta and British Columbia, holding the honour of being one of Canada's top 25 most influential lawyers and named to the prestigious Best Lawyers in Canada list. As the founder of both Crossroads Law and Coach My Case, he is recognized for disrupting the practice of law to provide a more client-centered legal experience while advocating for access to justice. 

Marcus is passionate about consensual dispute resolution. He believes that most family law cases should be settled outside of court, and he has extensive experience and training in collaborative divorce, mediation, and arbitration. Marcus is a certified collaborative divorce lawyer and an accredited family law mediator, and he has settled many family law disputes as a third-party mediator.

A Preferred Approach

Drawing on his past as a social worker, Marcus excels at mediating challenging family law cases. He believes that mediation has the potential to resolve serious disputes in ways that benefit all parties involved including children. Marcus recognizes that mediation should not be a ridged process and he has a flexible mediation style, responding to the needs of the parties. This is why he uses technology to settle disputes remotely throughout British Columbia and Alberta and he is also willing to mediate disputes without lawyers representing the parties.

Global Outreach in Family Law

Marcus is also no stranger to litigation, and he has a reputation for success in highly complex arbitration and court files. He regularly litigates high net-worth matters involving intricate business arrangements, forensic accounting, offshore assets, complex incomes, and he has represented business leaders, professional athletes, and actors. Marcus has successfully represented clients in Provincial Court, the Alberta Court of Justice, the BC Supreme Court, the Court of King’s Bench of Alberta, and the Court of Appeal.

Marcus' expertise also extends across borders. He has represented clients in cross-border cases involving countries like the United States, Australia, Taiwan, Mexico, the UK, and more. Additionally, he has represented clients regarding the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction. This is on top of helping many clients with jurisdictional issues between Alberta and British Columbia.

Public Advocacy and Community Involvement

As an active member of the legal community, Marcus is a member of the Canadian Bar Association of BC’s committee for unbundled legal services, and he regularly volunteers with Access Pro Bono of British Columbia. He is a contributor to the Law Society of Alberta’s Family Law Practice Manual and a presenter for the Canadian Bar Association and the Continuing Legal Education Society of BC. Marcus is also an advocate for legal reform and alternative practice models, and has been featured by the CBC, Global News, the Globe and Mail, and many other media outlets.

Founder of Coach My Case

In 2021, Marcus launched Coach My Case, an alternative legal service that is changing the legal landscape in Canada. With the goal of addressing the access to justice crisis, Coach My Case offers legal coaching for self-represented litigants who cannot afford a lawyer to represent them in court.

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Reported Decisions

Visit our Reported Decisions page to discover more cases that showcase the exceptional legal advocacy provided by Crossroads Law.

Stokes v Heck, 2023 ABCA 392023

Counsel of Record: Marcus M. Sixta & Camille Boyer 

Case Summary: After years of conflict and legal battles, the wife in this case, represented by Marcus Sixta and Camille Boyer, secured a significant win in court. She was granted exclusive rights to list and access a property, which she successfully sold for more than what her husband had estimated. The court rejected her husband's attempt to stay or set aside the order, noting that he wouldn't suffer irreparable harm. The decision eased the wife's considerable debt and allowed her to receive overdue child support from the sale proceeds, ultimately favouring her in both property and financial matters.

Stokes v Heck, 2023 ABKB 582023

Counsel of Record: Marcus M. Sixta & Camille Boyer 

Case Summary: Despite numerous attempts by the husband to challenge and delay the sale of a jointly-owned recreational property, with which the wife had been solely responsible for, Marcus Sixta and Camille Boyer were able to achieve success and have him found in contempt of court for repeatedly disregarding court orders. Financial penalties were deemed insufficient, leading the court to take the exceptional step of ordering the husband's imprisonment until he complied.

J.D. v S.G, 2021 BCSC 5102021

Counsel of Record: Marcus M. Sixta

Case Summary: Marcus Sixta effectively advocated for the claimant wife who had been solely responsible for the mortgage on the family home, despite no longer living in it. Recognizing the significant emotional and financial toll on her and their children, the court authorized the sale of the home without requiring her husband's consent. The husband's claims of financial hardship were scrutinized and dismissed, further justifying the court's decision to alleviate the wife's burden of carrying the mortgage alone.


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Marcus M. Sixta

One of the Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers in Canada and recognized by Best Lawyers in Canada™ for Family Law.


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