An affordable and convenient way to get help with your family law case


Legal coaching or unbundled family law services provide a more affordable alternative to hiring a family lawyer. Rather than having a family lawyer go to court for you, you represent yourself in divorce court and a family lawyer works for you in the background helping you draft legal documents, giving you advice and preparing you for court or family law mediation. 

Legal coaching is sometimes called unbundled legal services or a limited scope retainer. These terms just mean that a lawyer does not take full control of your file. You decide how and when you use a family law lawyer to help you with your divorce or separation. 

Legal coaching or unbundled legal help is different than the traditional model for a family law firm. Normally your divorce lawyer does all the work for you and goes to court or mediation on your behalf. With legal coaching you represent yourself in your case and a legal professional helps you behind the scenes. This reduces the amount of legal work you are paying for, which reduces your costs. 

Crossroads Law has family lawyers who are members in good standing with the Law Societies of British Columbia and Alberta. If you have an internet connection we can provide you with remote legal coaching for your separation or divorce anywhere in British Columbia or Alberta. 

Legal coaching can also be used to get you ready for divorce mediation. We believe that mediation can be an effective way to resolve a family law case.  However, it can be an intimidating process if you don’t know what your rights are or how to negotiate your position effectively. A legal coach can help you get better results in mediation by assessing your family law case, helping you with strategy and even developing your speaking notes. 

As a start, check out our free blogs on child custody, spousal support, child support, matrimonial property and divorce, drafted by our Vancouver and Calgary family lawyers, for useful information on divorce and separation. 

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Can I Represent Myself in Family Court?

Family law legal coaching is also sometimes called unbundled family law legal services or a limited scope retainer. Legal coaching is a way for you to get the help and advice you need to represent yourself in your family law case but you decide how and when you need it.

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What's Included in Family Law Legal Coaching?

When you hire a legal coach with Crossroads Law, YOU decide how much help you need. This is sometimes called unbundling legal services as you can get assistance on any individual part of your family law case rather than the whole case at once.

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What Does Legal Coaching Cost?

With unbundled family law or legal coaching, you decide what services you need so there is no need to pay an expensive retainer. However, with family law coaching or unbundled family law you pay as you go.

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Helpful Links

The following resources* can help you on your journey as a self represented litigant and choosing the right path in family law.