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How truthful do you have to be with your lawyer?

Family law matters can be some of the most emotionally charged and sensitive situations that a person goes through.

What is a Judicial Case Conference?

If you have a family law action in the Supreme Court of British Columbia, you will need to attend a mandatory Judicial Case Conference (JCC).

How do I choose the right Family Lawyer?

Deciding who you want to hire as your family lawyer is one of the most important steps in any separation.

How to do an Examination for Discovery?

A trial is set and you have unanswered questions and concerns about a case. What can you do? A great way to obtain information in litigation is through an examination for discovery. 

Why Do I Need Independent Legal Advice for My Family Law Agreement?

Cohabitation agreement, pre-nuptial agreement, parenting agreement, separation agreement – there are many different types of agreements in family law and each one is a contract which you are legally bound to follow and carry out the terms.

How To Appeal A Provincial Court Order In British Columbia

You went to trial in a family law case in the Provincial Court of British Columbia and received a final order. You think the trial judge made a mistake and the order needs to be set aside or changed in some way.

What does a family law legal assistant or paralegal do?

What exactly is the role of a legal assistant or paralegal in a family law firm? They only deal with scheduling meetings and answering phone calls, right?

Family Law 101: The Difference Between Provincial Court and Supreme Court/Queen’s Bench

In Canada, an application to the court in a family law proceeding can be made either the in Provincial Court or the Superior Court. Depending on the province, the Superior Court is called the Supreme Court or the Court of Queen’s Bench.