Camille Boyer

Sr. Family Lawyer / Certified Legal Coach
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Camille Boyer

Camille Boyer

Camille is an experienced family lawyer based in Calgary, known for her comprehensive expertise in both litigation and mediation. With an extensive family law background, she crafts practical, yet compassionate strategies to best accommodate her clients' unique circumstances. 

Tailored Legal Support for Every Client 

Camille's approach is heavily client-oriented, putting the needs and concerns of her clients at the forefront of her practice. She takes time to comprehend the intricate priorities of each case and ensures that all queries are answered promptly and comprehensively. Her objective is to support her clients through challenging times, providing strategic insights and clear legal guidance with sensitivity, and understanding.

Camille consistently advocates for dispute resolution outside of court, striving for fair and equitable settlement proposals or mediation/arbitration. Her negotiation skills are aimed towards achieving the most beneficial outcome for her clients without the necessity for court intervention.

Proven Courtroom Experience 

However, when settlement isn't feasible, Camille is well-versed in representing clients in various courts, including the Alberta Court of Justice, the Court of King’s Bench, and the Court of Appeal. She regularly makes court appearances in chambers, domestic specials, hearings, or at trial on behalf of her clients. While she views court as the last resort, Camille acknowledges that in numerous situations, it becomes the only available option. Hence, she ensures robust representation for her clients, protecting their rights and interests.

Camille is focused exclusively on family law matters and has a history of litigation success in various divorce and separation matters, including the following:

  • parenting 
  • guardianship
  • child custody and access
  • grandparent access
  • relocation of children (mobility)
  • emergency protection orders
  • child support
  • spousal support
  • property division
  • international child abduction
  • emergency protection orders

Camille also has significant experience with a number of alternative dispute resolution options, and can offer the following services for her clients:

  • prenuptial or postnuptial agreements
  • cohabitation agreements
  • attendance at mediation, arbitration, and settlement meetings
  • separation agreements
  • parenting agreements
  • property and support agreements

Commitment to Community and Access to Justice 

Camille is an active volunteer with the family law legal advice clinic at Calgary Legal Guidance, showcasing her commitment to access to justice. In addition, she takes pride in regularly providing pro bono legal services, specifically assisting young single parents who may otherwise struggle with legal navigation. Further, Camille is a frequent volunteer with the University of Calgary in various capacities, including assisting with mock trials and mooting. She is also a volunteer with YYC Water Warriors, and a regular contributor to the Legal Education Society of Alberta’s Family Law Practice Manual.

Outside the office, Camille enjoys reading fiction and spending time with family. She leads an active life spending her spare time practicing yoga, playing soccer, snowboarding, and travelling.

Reported Decisions

Visit our Reported Decisions page to discover more cases that showcase the exceptional legal advocacy provided by Crossroads Law.

Stokes v Heck, 2023 ABCA 392023

Counsel of Record: Marcus M. Sixta & Camille Boyer 

Case Summary: After years of conflict and legal battles, the wife in this case, represented by Marcus Sixta and Camille Boyer, secured a significant win in court. She was granted exclusive rights to list and access a property, which she successfully sold for more than what her husband had estimated. The court rejected her husband's attempt to stay or set aside the order, noting that he wouldn't suffer irreparable harm. The decision eased the wife's considerable debt and allowed her to receive overdue child support from the sale proceeds, ultimately favouring her in both property and financial matters.

Stokes v Heck, 2023 ABKB 582023

Counsel of Record: Marcus M. Sixta & Camille Boyer 

Case Summary: Despite numerous attempts by the husband to challenge and delay the sale of a jointly-owned recreational property, with which the wife had been solely responsible for, Marcus Sixta and Camille Boyer were able to achieve success and have him found in contempt of court for repeatedly disregarding court orders. Financial penalties were deemed insufficient, leading the court to take the exceptional step of ordering the husband's imprisonment until he complied.

Hergert v Megale, 2022 ABQB 1262022

Counsel of Record: Camille Boyer 

Case Summary: In this case focused on financial disclosure, the applicant wife, represented by Camille Boyer, successfully won an Order for contempt against the respondent husband. Despite a previous court order, the husband failed to provide essential financial information, hindering the division of matrimonial property. The court struck down the husband’s defences, allowing the wife to move forward with summary judgment. This ruling placed the wife in a favourable position for the next steps in her legal journey.


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