Mat Wirove

Partner / Sr. Family Lawyer / Mediator / Arbitrator / Certified Legal Coach
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Mat Wirove

Mat Wirove

Mat Wirove is an accredited mediator and reputable family lawyer, recognized for his proficiency in court. With a prior background in civil litigation, Mat's versatile legal experience equips him to tackle a broad spectrum of family law matters with skill and efficiency. 

A Transparent, Client-Centred Approach

Mat adopts a policy of openness and honesty with his clients, keeping them thoroughly informed about their case as it progresses. He understands the unique complexities of every situation and prioritizes gaining a comprehensive understanding of the context before formulating a resolution strategy.

Comprehensive Family Law Expertise 

His practice encompasses all aspects of family law, including but not limited to divorce, child custody and guardianship, parenting issues, spousal and child support, matrimonial property division, prenuptial and cohabitation agreements, unjust enrichment, child protection, restraining orders, and adoptions.

As a client-focused family lawyer, Mat tirelessly works towards obtaining optimal results in every circumstance. When litigation becomes a necessity, he effectively applies his experience and strong court skills to advocate for his client; however, if litigation isn't in the client's best interest, he effectively utilizes negotiation tactics to reach a beneficial settlement. 

Emphasis on Collaborative Dispute Resolution 

At the heart of Mat's practice is the commitment to assisting families in resolving conflicts to achieve durable and favourable agreements. He endorses a cost-effective, collaborative approach to dispute resolution, appreciating the therapeutic and educational advantages of mediation.

Proven Courtroom Experience 

Mat has made appearances before all levels of Court in Alberta, from the Alberta Court of Justice and the Court of King’s Bench of Alberta to The Court of Appeal of Alberta, demonstrating his extensive courtroom expertise.

When not in the office, Mat spends his time weightlifting, camping, backpacking, kayaking, and fishing.


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