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Does your child need their own lawyer? What you need to know

If you and your ex-partner are having disagreements over the parenting arrangements for your child, or if you feel the current arrangements are simply not working, one party may end up making an application to the court to appoint a lawyer (or “counsel”) for the child so that their views are taken seriously. 

Is Child Support Payable for Adult Children?

Child support ends when a child reaches the age of majority (which is 19 years old in British Columbia). This is the case unless the child, in the words of section 2 of the Divorce Act, is unable to withdraw from the care of their parents or obtain the necessaries of life.

What style of Mediation is right for my divorce?

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that allows parties to come to an agreement without going to court. 

How is spousal support calculated for high-income earners?

Spousal support is a common consideration upon the breakdown of a marriage or cohabitation.

What is a Judicial Case Conference?

If you have a family law action in the Supreme Court of British Columbia, you will need to attend a mandatory Judicial Case Conference (JCC).

How Can Income Be Imputed in an Alberta Child Support Case?

In Alberta, child support is calculated using the Federal Child Support Guidelines. Under these guidelines, a parent's income may be imputed (or assigned) if they are not working or are working below their full earning capacity.

How to Move with your Children - BC Family Law Act

With the cost of living continuing to rise in British Columbia, some separated parents are looking to move with their children for better economic stability.

Is someone you know in an abusive relationship? The warning signs of domestic violence

Domestic violence, or family violence as it is now often called in Canada, is a serious matter which can have severe repercussions for everyone involved, including criminal proceedings in some instances.

How do I choose the right Family Lawyer?

Deciding who you want to hire as your family lawyer is one of the most important steps in any separation.

How to do an Examination for Discovery?

A trial is set and you have unanswered questions and concerns about a case. What can you do? A great way to obtain information in litigation is through an examination for discovery.