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Millad Ossudallah

Millad Ossudallah

Millad is an effective litigator and trial lawyer who is also experienced in mediation and other forms settlement-oriented solutions. His goal is to settle your family law matter outside of court but if that isn’t an option, he will litigate and advocate for you through the court system. 

Guiding Clients Through Emotional & Legal Challenges 

Millad understands that divorce and separation is a difficult process. He helps his clients by discussing the pros and cons of each issue and provides a strategy to obtain the best results possible.

Navigating High-Stakes, Complex Family Law Matters 

Millad has dealt with numerous high conflict divorces and separations. He has appeared at both the Provincial Court and Supreme Court and has attended court on various legal issues including the following:

  • Parental alienation
  • Contempt of court
  • Imputation of income
  • Business financials of corporations 
  • Varying parenting schedules and arrangements
  • Varying and setting aside a separation agreement
  • Drafting separation, prenuptial or postnuptial agreements 
  • Protection orders
  • Non-removal 
  • Child support and spousal support
  • Disclosure applications
  • Family property division
  • Traveling with a child(ren)
  • International child abduction 

Millad is an avid traveler. During his spare time, he enjoys CrossFit, yoga, lane swimming, and finding some of the best restaurants in the city. Fluent in both English and Farsi/Persian, he is familiar with the issues regarding Persian marriage contracts and has helped many Iranian clients reach a successful outcome after separation and divorce.

Reported Decisions

Visit our Reported Decisions page to discover more cases that showcase the exceptional legal advocacy provided by Crossroads Law.

Eckert v Garnham, 2023 BCSC 552023

Counsel of Record: Millad Ossudallah 

Case Summary: In this case revolving around a disputed separation agreement, the claimant represented by Millad Ossudallah was successful in arguing that she was in a vulnerable state when she signed the agreement with her ex-spouse. The court agreed, noting she was in her final trimester of pregnancy, financially unstable, and without legal representation at the time. As a result, the agreement was set aside, leveling the playing field for the client in future legal proceedings.

Nalinakshan v Dileep, 2021 BCSC 2565 2021

Counsel of Record: Millad Ossudallah

Case Summary: Millad Ossudallah successfully represented the respondent father in securing the return of his child from India to Smithers, BC within 21 days. This outcome was reached after the claimant mother had relocated without the father's consent, as provided in the BC Family Law Act. Additionally, the court ruled that the mother is prohibited from removing the child from Smithers without either the father's consent or a subsequent court order.

P.F. v J.T.F, 2021 BCSC 15062021

Counsel of Record: Millad Ossudallah

Case Summary: Millad Ossudallah was successful in representing the claimant in this case involving a 22-year marriage and ongoing cohabitation following separation. The wife initially secured a without-notice order for exclusive home occupancy and a protection order against her husband based on allegations of long-term verbal and physical abuse. Despite the husband's denial of these allegations, the court upheld the exclusive occupancy order, citing the wife's entitlement to safety and privacy in her home. Although the wife worked away part of the week, her wish to spend time at home with both children was considered reasonable. The protection order was extended for the wife and the older child, evidencing a long-standing pattern of abuse.


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