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At Crossroads Law in Calgary and Vancouver, our family lawyers prioritize your needs in divorce, separation, and other family law matters. We advocate passionately and negotiate effectively, always putting your interests first.


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Our Vancouver family lawyers offer accessible legal services right in your BC community.

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Trusted for divorce, separation, and alternative dispute resolution.

Crossroads Family Law Team

Crossroads Family Law Team

Guiding you through life's legal crossroads in family law. Meet the team to learn more. 

Top 25 Most Influential Lawyer

Top 25 Most Influential Lawyer

Marcus M. Sixta named one of the top 25 most influential lawyers in Canada.

Flexible Billing for Your Peace of Mind

Flexible Billing for Your Peace of Mind

From flat-rate fees to legal coaching services, Crossroads Law offers tailored billing solutions to meet your legal needs.



Mediation extends beyond separation and divorce cases and offers a time and cost-saving solution for resolving various family law issues.

What We Do

We Understand Family Law

Crossroads Law provides mediation and representational services in every area of family law.

We prioritize your child's best interests. We offer guidance to create stable arrangements from shared to sole custody. Learn how we use mediation and court strategies to achieve positive outcomes.

Child support calculations can be complex. At Crossroads Law, we're skilled in navigating intricate income scenarios and international cases. We collaborate with accountants and tax specialists to offer you a tailored approach.

Get remote legal coaching for your separation or divorce in British Columbia or Alberta. All you need is an internet connection for personalized guidance.

With transparent pricing, we offer flat rates for various legal services, including cohabitation and prenuptial agreements. This covers consultations, drafting, edits, and a final meeting for signing.

This approach offers a private and cooperative way to resolve your family dispute. Rather than battling it out in court, you, your partner, and your collaborative divorce lawyers team up to negotiate fair and long-lasting agreements.

Navigate the complexities of divorce and separation with Crossroads Law. Whether it's a desk divorce or understanding the implications of your separation date, we guide you through the entire process.

At Crossroads Law, we can guide you through your journey to parenthood with compassion and care. We specialize in sperm donation, egg donation, and surrogacy and are fierce advocates for those engaged in conflicts over reproductive material.

Navigating high net-worth separations requires a focused approach. At Crossroads Law, we assemble a team of lawyers to address complex issues like corporate income, international holdings, and confidentiality.

We guide you in identifying your share of assets and debts, even uncovering concealed ones, to ensure a fair distribution.

Discover various avenues for resolving family law issues through mediation. Our mediators foster a secure and collaborative environment to achieve a quick and fair settlement.

Navigating spousal support often leads to negotiated settlements, making legal guidance crucial. Our family lawyers at Crossroads Law are well-versed in this area to assist you effectively.

Our Wills and Estates services are designed to help you secure your family’s future. From drafting individual wills to comprehensive estate planning, we offer tailored solutions to meet your needs.

Support Calculators

Support Calculators

Free Child & Spousal Support Calculators to help you understand what support payments may look like.

Legal Resources

Legal Resources

Unravel the intricacies of family law with insights and commentary from Crossroads Law's distinguished team.

Free Consultation

Free Consultation

Contact us today for a no-charge initial consultation to discuss your family law needs.


What Our Clients Say

After haggling with my ex for more than three years over a separation agreement and failing to persuade her even to attend mediation, I approached Melissa Salfi at Crossroads for help. Since I live in BC and my ex had moved with our daughter from BC to Alberta, I needed lawyers I could easily access and who could bring an action in an Alberta court if necessary. Since Crossroads has offices and great lawyers in both BC and Alberta, they were the right fit for me. Melissa Salfi helped me in Vancouver and referred me to Camille Boyer, who is based in Calgary, when I needed to start a court action in Alberta. On my first meeting with Camille on Zoom, I found her to be clear-minded, sharp and receptive. She immediately gave me my legal options, all of which I found to be sound, and I had no problem making up my mind. After only a few days, she filed a Notice to Attend Docket Court in the Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta and we served it on my ex. Because of Camille's strategizing, the filing alone was enough to bring my ex back to the negotiating table and I had my previously intractable issues solved without going to court. I have nothing but praise for both lawyers I worked with at Crossroads.

I was extremely anxious about having to go to court, but Seamus helped me each step along the way. He made sure I understood the process. I really appreciated his calm and thoughtful manner. Seamus not only successfully advocated for me at court, but he also made me feel I was not going through everything alone. I would highly recommend Seamus to anyone looking for an excellent family lawyer.

Child & Spousal Support Calculators

Child & Spousal Support Calculators


Celebrated Achievements

At Crossroads Law, our unwavering commitment to our clients has earned us a reputation for excellence in family law. Over the years, we've had the privilege of being recognized through various prestigious awards and across diverse platforms. Your trust in us is the foundation of our success.


Legal Resources

How to Prepare for your First Collaborative 4-way Meeting

Collaborative divorce is a transformative approach to separation, where the aim is to resolve family law matters cooperatively.

It Takes a Team: Why You May Need More Than Just a Lawyer in Divorce

Divorce is a complex, emotional rollercoaster that can affect every aspect of your life. During this turbulent time, disagreements over parenting time, selling the family home, or dividing other significant family possessions can lead to unexpected emotional reactions.

Crossroads Law Welcomes Family Lawyer Ashna Prakash to our Calgary Team

A dedicated family lawyer known for her compassion and empathetic approach, Ashna Prakash blends her background in psychology and human resources to offer holistic, trauma-informed support.

Family Law

Frequently Asked Questions

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In BC and Alberta, spouses must fully disclose assets during divorce. Failure to do so can result in legal fees, unequal asset division, and even contempt of court.

Divorce in Canada usually necessitates a one-year separation, with the timeline varying due to factors like asset complexity, parenting disputes, and court schedules.

Mediation comes in various forms, each tailored to different needs and situations. Common types include Traditional Mediation, which facilitates communication; Evaluative Mediation, which offers case assessments; Transformative Mediation, which empowers parties to resolve disputes; Restorative Mediation, aimed at repairing relationships; and Med-Arb, a blend of mediation and arbitration. The best fit depends on your specific case and requirements.