Daniella Marchand

Family Lawyer / Legal Coach
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Daniella Marchand

Daniella Marchand

Daniella Marchand is a Calgary family lawyer whose holistic mindset and patient approach provides her clients with compassionate and practical legal services. Her experience with feminist, LGBTQ+ and disability organizations has afforded Daniella a powerful understanding of how the issues in people’s lives are rarely black and white. Her philosophical view of family law recognizes that everyone’s circumstance is their own, and that the legal approach should reflect this unique context.

Holistic Advocacy – From Courtroom to Community 

Daniella understands that navigating legal issues can be stressful and confusing. She believes negotiation and mediation in most situations can provide positive results for her clients. However, if a client’s matter requires court involvement, Daniella offers strong and skillful advocacy. She delivers guidance every step of the way to ensure her clients are knowledgeable about their options and are presented with practical, creative solutions.

Guiding Families Through Legal Complexities

Before joining Crossroads Law, Daniella worked with a legal clinic in Calgary where she assisted families and individuals in financial crisis by helping them prepare for hearings, negotiations, and court. Prior to this she volunteered with Pro Bono Students Canada on both their Emergency Protection Order Project, and with the Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF). She possesses a strong understanding of the procedures around emergency protection orders and restraining orders as well as recognizes how these orders affect a parenting case in the short- and long-term. Additionally, Daniella is skilled in the following areas of family law: 

  • Family debt 
  • Property division
  • Protection orders 
  • Family violence 
  • Child support 
  • Parenting 

Outside the office, Daniella is an avid bluegrass and old-time country music fan and spends much of her free time learning rhythm guitar. When she isn’t playing or listening to music, she is often in the mountains or in the garden, soaking up as much sunshine as she can.


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