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Does your child need their own lawyer What you need to know
Does your child need their own lawyer? What you need to know

If you and your ex-partner are having disagreements over the parenting arrangements for your child, or if you feel the current arrangements are simply not working, one party may end up making an application to the court to appoint a lawyer (or “counsel”) for the child so that their views are taken seriously. 

Is Child Support Payable for Adult Children
Is Child Support Payable for Adult Children?

Child support ends when a child reaches the age of majority (which is 19 years old in British Columbia). This is the case unless the child, in the words of section 2 of the Divorce Act, is unable to withdraw from the care of their parents or obtain the necessaries of life.

How Can Income Be Imputed in an Alberta Child Support Case
How Can Income Be Imputed in an Alberta Child Support Case?

In Alberta, child support is calculated using the Federal Child Support Guidelines. Under these guidelines, a parent's income may be imputed (or assigned) if they are not working or are working below their full earning capacity.

Does failure to pay child support lead to jail time
Does failure to pay child support lead to jail time?

At Crossroads Law, we often receive inquiries from parents owed child support and wanting help to ensure child support is paid. Generally, the first step is to register the Court Order with the Maintenance Enforcement Program (“MEP”).

supervised parenting a cautionary tale
Supervised Parenting – A Cautionary Tale

Supervised parenting time can be considered one step away from a complete termination of access. It is not meant to be a permanent solution, and is only necessary in exceptional circumstances where a child’s physical or emotional safety are at risk with a parent.

reaching back for retroactive child support
How do I get retroactive child support?

Retroactive support issues are often reported by our clients. Here we look at the list of factors taken into consideration by the Supreme Court of Canada and how you can strengthen your claim for retroactive support.

family maintenance enforcement program fmep
What is the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program (FMEP)?

FMEP can be a valuable ally in securing your support. If there are concerns about future payments, or there are ongoing instances of not being paid, not being paid the right amount, or not being paid on time, the FMEP can help remedy the situation. They also retain the option of going to court if necessary.

child support the ties that bind
Child Support – The Ties That Bind

Child support is the right of the child, not the spouse who receives it. Prospectively paid month-to-month, and based on the Federal Child Support Guidelines correlated to the spouse’s income – typically Line 15000 of their tax return (formally, Line 150) – child support in most cases involves payment on the 1st of each month.

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