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When Child Support Feels Overwhelming: Understanding Undue Hardship in Canada

In Canada, parents have a legal obligation to financially support their children, even after a divorce or separation.

How Bankruptcy Impacts Child Support, Spousal Support, and Costs in Family Law Cases

As family lawyers, we sometimes encounter questions about the impact of bankruptcy on child support, spousal support, and cost awards in family law matters.

Non-recurring Gains and Determination of Income for the Purposes of Calculating Child Support

In many ways, the Federal Child Support Guidelines have simplified the determination of monthly child support payments and the proportion of extraordinary expenses each parent is responsible for paying.

Is Child Support Payable for Adult Children?

Child support ends when a child reaches the age of majority (which is 19 years old in British Columbia). This is the case unless the child, in the words of section 2 of the Divorce Act, is unable to withdraw from the care of their parents or obtain the necessaries of life.

How Can Income Be Imputed in an Alberta Child Support Case?

In Alberta, child support is calculated using the Federal Child Support Guidelines. Under these guidelines, a parent's income may be imputed (or assigned) if they are not working or are working below their full earning capacity.

Child Support: Imputing Income to the Intentionally Underemployed

Many people are making a career change these days and you or your former spouse may decide to take a new job that leads to a significant decrease in income. How does this lower paying job affect child support payments?

Section 7 Expenses for Children with Special Needs

There are two main categories of child support in Canada under the Federal Child Support Guidelines.

Does failure to pay child support lead to jail time?

At Crossroads Law, we often receive inquiries from parents owed child support and wanting help to ensure child support is paid. Generally, the first step is to register the Court Order with the Maintenance Enforcement Program (“MEP”).

How do I get retroactive child support?

Retroactive support issues are often reported by our clients. Here we look at the list of factors taken into consideration by the Supreme Court of Canada and how you can strengthen your claim for retroactive support.

What is the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program (FMEP)?

FMEP can be a valuable ally in securing your support. If there are concerns about future payments, or there are ongoing instances of not being paid, not being paid the right amount, or not being paid on time, the FMEP can help remedy the situation. They also retain the option of going to court if necessary.