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who stays in house after separation
Who gets to stay in the house after separation?

David Kim explores the complexities of obtaining exclusive possession of the family home after separation, including the legal requirements and court considerations. 

Navigating the Collaborative Divorce Process A Compassionate Path to Resolution
The Collaborative Divorce Process: A Compassionate Path to Resolution

Divorce is often seen as a contentious and emotionally draining process, with images of courtroom battles and bitter disputes coming to mind. However, an alternative approach known as collaborative divorce is gaining popularity for its emphasis on cooperation and mutual respect.

Navigating High Conflict Divorce Separation
Navigating High-Conflict Divorce & Separation

Divorce and separation can be emotionally challenging for any couple. However, in some cases, the conflicts can rise to extreme levels, resulting in what is known as high-conflict separation and divorce.

I want to separate now what
I Want To Separate, Now What?

If you’re contemplating separating from your partner, it’s a good idea to get some legal advice prior to making any big decisions.

What To Do If a Child Resists a Parent
What To Do If a Child Resists a Parent

A significant issue we see when parents are divorcing, or separating is that their child(ren) begins to resist access and parenting time with one of the parents.

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