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A Look at Surrogacy Laws Around the World PART 3 – CALIFORNIA

Our series about the intricate world of surrogacy began with an exploration of how these laws significantly vary across different jurisdictions.

A Look at Surrogacy Laws Around the World Part 2 – Ukraine

In the first part of my look at surrogacy laws around the world, I gave an overview of how surrogacy laws vary greatly from one jurisdiction to another. 

Do I need Independent Legal Advice on My Fertility Agreement?

The lawyer for the intended parents has drafted the fertility agreement and recommends that the surrogate or donor obtain independent legal advice (ILA) from another lawyer.

BC Surrogacy Gone Wrong

In a highly unusual set of circumstances, a BC woman is seeking to be declared the legal parent of a 4-year-old girl, notwithstanding any surrogacy arrangement entered into with the child’s guardians.

A look at surrogacy laws around the world – Part 1

There are few things that give me greater joy as a lawyer than helping a surrogate or intended parents through their surrogacy journey.

How To Donate Embryos After IVF: Embryo Donation Agreements

After going through in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment, a couple may have leftover embryos that are cryopreserved (frozen and stored) which can be used for further IVF treatments.

COVID-19 throws a wrench into fertility plans

While most of us are learning to cope with the uncertainty brought by COVID-19, a subset of our population is intimately familiar with this feeling.

Sperm Donation Questions Answered by a Fertility Lawyer

Donor insemination is a fertility procedure that involves transferring sperm obtained from a sperm donor into a woman’s reproductive tract at the time of ovulation by means other than sexual intercourse.

The unintended consequences of Canada’s fertility law changes

Canada is considered an international surrogacy destination, with progressive laws that have attracted couples internationally.

Fertility Law in Canada is Changing: Understanding the Legal Impacts

Fifteen years after the Assisted Human Reproduction Act was introduced, Health Canada has finally released the long-awaited regulations under the Act regarding the reimbursement of surrogates and donors. The new regulations come into force on June 9, 2020.