Calgary family lawyer, Sheri Ferguson, joins the Crossroads Law team

We are proud to introduce the newest member of the Crossroads Law team, Sheri Ferguson. With two decades of experience as a lawyer, Sheri is a respected family lawyer in Calgary who uses her wealth of knowledge and wide range of experience to deliver exceptional care to her clients.

From her beginnings as a legal librarian and researcher, Sheri has developed a keen eye for detail and an exceptional understanding of law. Coupled with her background in civil litigation, she honed robust negotiation and courtroom advocacy skills - making her a force to reckon with both inside and outside of the courtroom.

Sheri prides herself in her communication skills. A clear, respectful, and sensitive advocate, she consistently strives for civility and reasonableness in legal negotiations and appearances, placing the wellbeing of her clients and their families at the forefront.

Apart from her active practice, Sheri demonstrates a fervent passion for educating the next generation of legal professionals. She taught the Alberta Bar Admissions course (CPLED) and currently serves as an advising lawyer for the Student Legal Assistance program at the University of Calgary, Faculty of Law. This commitment allows Sheri to contribute to the future of law and improve access to justice for low-income Calgarians.

Sheri can assist clients with a broad range of family law matters, including parenting and guardianship, child and spousal support, family property division, cohabitation and prenuptial agreements, and divorce and separation agreements.

When she's not advocating for her clients or guiding future lawyers, Sheri enjoys visiting her family scattered across Vancouver, Montreal, Los Angeles, and Australia. An enthusiast of indie film and Scandinavian crime drama, Sheri also enjoys skiing, golfing, and chipping away at fixups in her heritage home in central Calgary.

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