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Can I stop paying spousal support when I retire?

A question that often comes up in family law is whether payment of spousal support can end upon retirement. Moving to a fixed income must have an impact on spousal support, right?

What is spousal support entitlement?

One of the most contentious disputes that comes up in family law is around the issue of spousal support – how much am I owed or how much do I have to pay (if anything), and how does it get calculated?

How is spousal support calculated for high-income earners?

Spousal support is a common consideration upon the breakdown of a marriage or cohabitation.

What can I do if my ex refuses to pay support?

So you have been to court, you got a court order and your ex-spouse still refuses to pay child support or spousal support. What can be done?

Family Law in Provincial Court or Supreme Court? Where should I go?

Most people who are getting separated or divorced are dealing with family law issues for the first time. It can be a confusing and daunting task to navigate the family law court registry.

Wife Gambled Away Company Assets: Husband Gets Money Back

We are proud to announce our latest family law success at the British Columbia Supreme Court.

Behind On Child Or Spousal Support? ICBC May Now Take Your Driver’s License.

Child support and spousal support are often awarded in family law proceedings. However, it is common for these amounts not to be paid as ordered by the court after separation or divorce.

Spousal Support / Alimony: What is it and How Do I Get it?

Spousal support is an amount of money paid by one spouse to support the other spouse after the separation. However, it is not payable in every relationship. This is a common misconception.

Manipulating Income to Reduce Child or Spousal Support

People hide or manipulate their income for all sorts of reasons. As long as taxes have been around there have been those seeking ways of hiding income. In family law this can be a common issue when calculating the amount of child support or spousal support payable after separation. 

How Can I Challenge a Prenuptial Agreement in BC?

Occasionally, after a separation, one spouse may be less than happy with an existing prenuptial agreement or cohabitation agreement. Maybe because it severely limits their spousal support or leaves them with little property. So, what are the steps needed in British Columbia to challenge a prenuptial agreement?