The family lawyers from Crossroads Law located in Vancouver BC and Calgary AB have a client centred approach to help you successfully navigate the family law system. Our experienced family and divorce lawyers author these blogs to provide you insight and to help you through this challenging time.


How to do an Examination for Discovery
How to do an Examination for Discovery?

A trial is set and you have unanswered questions and concerns about a case. What can you do? A great way to obtain information in litigation is through an examination for discovery. 

Should I get a will
When Should I Get a Will Done?

In support of Make a Will Week, from October 2 to October 8, 2022, Crossroads Law has a promotion for a full estate planning package for an individual for $799 (regularly $899). 

I want to separate now what
I Want To Separate, Now What?

If you’re contemplating separating from your partner, it’s a good idea to get some legal advice prior to making any big decisions.

Why Do I Need Independent Legal Advice for My Family Law Agreement 1
Why Do I Need Independent Legal Advice for My Family Law Agreement?

Cohabitation agreement, pre-nuptial agreement, parenting agreement, separation agreement – there are many different types of agreements in family law and each one is a contract which you are legally bound to follow and carry out the terms.

What To Do If a Child Resists a Parent
What To Do If a Child Resists a Parent

A significant issue we see when parents are divorcing, or separating is that their child(ren) begins to resist access and parenting time with one of the parents.

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