Family Lawyer Cori Molloy Joins the Crossroads Law team in Vancouver!

Crossroads Law is very happy to announce the addition of Cori Molloy as our newest senior family lawyer in our Vancouver office.

In her practice, Cori offers tailored strategies designed for long-term success. Her extensive legal expertise spans various domains, including corporate commercial law, mergers and acquisitions, and in-house university counsel specializing in research contracts. This broad experience, coupled with her background as a successful business owner, allows Cori to provide strategic advice particularly beneficial to clients with complex property or business interests.

Cori handles a wide-range of family law issues, including divorce and separation, parenting, child and spousal support, family property division, and jurisdictional challenges. Her holistic approach emphasizes mediation and tailored settlements over litigation, viewing court as a last resort. However, she is well-versed in using litigation as a strategic tool, when necessary, with experience representing clients at both the Provincial and Supreme Court levels.

Cori’s empathetic and objective approach helps clients feel at ease, encouraging open and honest discussions about their family law matters. She leverages her extensive network of professionals, from financial planners to parenting coaches, to ensure comprehensive support for her clients.

We are excited to welcome Cori Molloy to our Vancouver office and look forward to her invaluable contributions to our team and community!

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