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It Takes a Team: Why You May Need More Than Just a Lawyer in Divorce

Divorce is a complex, emotional rollercoaster that can affect every aspect of your life. During this turbulent time, disagreements over parenting time, selling the family home, or dividing other significant family possessions can lead to unexpected emotional reactions.

Crossroads Law Welcomes Family Lawyer Ashna Prakash to our Calgary Team

A dedicated family lawyer known for her compassion and empathetic approach, Ashna Prakash blends her background in psychology and human resources to offer holistic, trauma-informed support.

Continued Excellence: Crossroads Law named Excellence Awardee at the 2024 Canadian Law Awards for Family Law Firm of the Year

With immense pride and gratitude, we announce that for the second consecutive year, Crossroads Law has been honoured as an Excellence Awardee for Family Law Firm of the Year at the prestigious 2024 Canadian Law Awards.

A Co-Parent's Guide to Crafting a Successful Summer Schedule

Summer holidays bring a unique set of challenges for separated couples, especially when it comes to co-parenting.

Welcome To Our Newest Vancouver Family Lawyer, Chris Cosentino

Crossroads Law is very pleased to announce the addition of our newest Vancouver family lawyer, Chris Cosentino.

Navigating the Complexities of Parental Alienation in Child Custody Cases

In a landscape already fraught with contention, recent calls from the National Association of Women and the Law (NAWL) to ban the use of the term "parental alienation" add another layer of complexity to an already challenging issue.

Crossroads Law Welcomes Family Lawyer Gurjant Bains, to our Calgary Team

With a unique background in civil litigation and criminal defense, Gurjant Bains brings a distinct blend of expertise to our team.

The Vital Role of Lawyers in Mediation: Empowering Clients to Find Effective Resolutions

Mediation stands as a testament to the evolving nature of legal conflict resolution as one of the key methods of alternative dispute resolution.

Investing After Divorce: The Road to Financial Recovery

There is no getting around it. Divorce is emotionally devastating, but it can also be very financially damaging.

Everything You Need to Know About Adult Interdependent Partnerships in Alberta

When two people get married, they enjoy new rights and benefits, such as the right to divide family property upon divorce. Historically, under the law, these rights were exclusively reserved for married people.