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Behind On Child Or Spousal Support? ICBC May Now Take Your Driver’s License.

Child support and spousal support are often awarded in family law proceedings. However, it is common for these amounts not to be paid as ordered by the court after separation or divorce.

Unbundled Legal Services an Underused Access-to-Justice Solution

Unbundled legal services can fill the access-to-justice gap left by spiralling legal fees and dwindling legal aid funding.

Is There a Legal Obligation to Report Child Abuse: Yes!

In British Columbia the abuse or neglect of children is dealt with under both the criminal law and by the Child Family and Community Services Act (the “CFCSA).

Occupation Rent

At common law, joint tenants in a property enjoy equal rights to occupy the property. Neither co-owner has a right to exclude the other from the property.

Engagement Rings: Is it a Gift or Can You Get it back?

We often get asked, who gets to keep the engagement ring upon separation? Most people conclude that it is a gift from the proposing partner.

NEWS | Alberta’s Family Property Act: new protection for common-law couples

An update of Alberta legislation will create a more equitable way of dividing assets when common-law couples split.

Better Late Than Never - Retroactive Child Support

The obligation to pay child support after separation and divorce is mandated by both Federal and Provincial legislation in Alberta. 

Getting a Stay of Enforcement of Child Support with Maintenance Enforcement

If a person’s income decreases their ability to pay child support should be reflected in this change.

Interest-based mediation an effective model for family disputes

“We had to think creatively about how to resolve this impasse where the mother wasn’t comfortable with the father having any overnights at all"

The Biggest Neglected Liability For Your Business

What is the biggest potential liability for your business? When asked this question some people will list off things like competition, loss of market access, or theft of intellectual property.