CBC News Opinion: How COVID-19 could force changes to family courts

CBC News Opinion · Posted: Apr 15, 2020
Written by Marcus Sixta, Family Lawyer, Mediator, Founder Crossroads Law 

With courts closed across the country, separated and divorced couples are facing the prospect of not having access to a judge for what could be months.

The courts have made exceptions for urgent cases, but these are mostly limited to child abductions, restraining orders and child abuse cases. That means child and spousal support claims, hearings regarding access and custody of children, and claims for the sale and division of matrimonial property will likely not get any court time until alternative processes are created.

As a result, some are worried about trials that may be delayed into next year. This not only increases the legal costs, it also leaves families with no court resolution on pressing issues, like child and spousal support, and parenting schedules that are not considered urgent by the courts at this time.

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