Congratulations Matthew Katsionis – Our Newest Partner at Crossroads Law

We are thrilled to announce that Matthew Katsionis has accepted a partnership role with Crossroads Law!

From our humble beginnings with a passionate team of seven, we've grown into a formidable legal force, poised to expand to a team of 40. This growth reflects not just our collective effort but is also a testament to Matthew's unwavering energy, expertise, and leadership.

In the courtroom, Matthew is nothing short of exceptional. His skill in navigating complex cases, coupled with his passion for mentorship, has not only brought success to our clients but has energized and motivated our lawyers and staff. His open-door policy and readiness to support on any matter, big or small, have cultivated a culture of collaboration and continuous learning within Crossroads Law.

As we step into this exciting new chapter, we are confident that Matthew's partnership will propel us towards greater heights. His compassionate advocacy and commitment to professional excellence are not just assets to our team but also to the clients we serve.

We are also excited about the new opportunities this growth brings. Join us in congratulating Matthew Katsionis on this well-deserved achievement. Here's to continuing our journey of success and innovation together at Crossroads Law!

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