Welcome To Our Newest Vancouver Family Lawyer, Chris Cosentino

Crossroads Law is very pleased to announce the addition of our newest Vancouver family lawyer, Chris Cosentino.

Chris is driven by a desire to help people navigate the complex and emotional challenges inherent to family law disputes. Drawing on his corporate background, he brings a unique blend of expertise to our team that he leverages to offer tailored solutions to address the full spectrum of family law issues, from property division to parenting disputes.

At the heart of Chris' practice is a client-centred, empathetic approach. He believes in the power of good faith and integrity, striving to be more than just a legal advisor but a trusted confidant and guide. Chris' ability to empathize with clients and his commitment to maintaining open lines of communication empower those he works with to make informed decisions about their futures.

When he's not advocating for his clients or contributing to the community, Chris can be found exploring the trails of British Columbia on his bike or scaling the heights of a rock-climbing wall. His love for adventure and trying new things extends to his personal hobbies, which include woodworking and mastering the game of chess.
Welcome, Chris!

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