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Why Do I Need Independent Legal Advice for My Family Law Agreement?

Cohabitation agreement, pre-nuptial agreement, parenting agreement, separation agreement – there are many different types of agreements in family law and each one is a contract which you are legally bound to follow and carry out the terms.

Moving With Your Child – What You Should Know About Relocation After Separation

A common step to take after separation is to move away from your former partner.

What’s the Difference Between a Will, Power of Attorney and a Personal Directive and Why Do I Need Them?

Everyone knows that having a will is an important part of planning for your future but what about a power of attorney or personal directive?

Child Support: Imputing Income to the Intentionally Underemployed

Many people are making a career change these days and you or your former spouse may decide to take a new job that leads to a significant decrease in income. How does this lower paying job affect child support payments?

Title Matters - How Registering your Title Can Affect your Estate Plan

Buying a new home with your partner or spouse? Purchasing a house with friends as an investment? Have you ever considered what would happen to your share of the property if something were to happen to you or your relationship?

A Look at Surrogacy Laws Around the World Part 2 – Ukraine

In the first part of my look at surrogacy laws around the world, I gave an overview of how surrogacy laws vary greatly from one jurisdiction to another. 

What To Do If a Child Resists a Parent

A significant issue we see when parents are divorcing, or separating is that their child(ren) begins to resist access and parenting time with one of the parents.

What is an Affidavit and What is it Used For?

An affidavit is a document frequently prepared in litigation to provide evidence regarding the matter being determined.

Do I need Independent Legal Advice on My Fertility Agreement?

The lawyer for the intended parents has drafted the fertility agreement and recommends that the surrogate or donor obtain independent legal advice (ILA) from another lawyer.

We Are Hiring Family Lawyers in Vancouver and Calgary

Crossroads Law is looking to expand once again and is hiring family lawyers in Vancouver and Calgary who are ready to join a dynamic and modern law firm.