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Do I have to share my inheritance after divorce?

Due to the changing demographics in British Columbia, inheritances are becoming a more frequent issue in family law cases. This is especially so in jurisdictions like Vancouver and Victoria where an inheritance can be substantial as a result of high real estate prices.

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Is human reproductive material “property” at law?

In recent years Canadian courts have been asked to consider whether human gametes (sperm and ova) and embryos should be treated as property at law, and whether they should be subject to division upon separation or divorce just like other family assets.

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Fertility Law in Canada is Changing: Understanding the Legal Impacts

Fifteen years after the Assisted Human Reproduction Act was introduced, Health Canada has finally released the long-awaited regulations under the Act regarding the reimbursement of surrogates and donors. The new regulations come into force on June 9, 2020. 

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Parenting and practice note 7: getting a psychologist involved

In any parenting dispute during a divorce or separation, the Court’s main focus is on deciding what is in the best interest of the Children. In some cases of high conflict, the Court may require the assistance of a trained professional Parenting Expert. 

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Crossroads Law is celebrating 2 years!

It is hard to believe, but Crossroads Law has now been providing family law help in Vancouver and Calgary for two years. We are now six family lawyers strong and expanding into other areas including wills and estates and fertility law.

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How to Get Ready for Your Consultation with a Family Lawyer.

Family law matters can be complicated, emotional and traumatic.  If you are contemplating separation or divorce, you should consult with a Vancouver family lawyer about the different options that may be available to you, and the process for each option.

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B.C. Prenuptial Agreements: Worthless if Not Fair

One of the main concerns when drafting a prenuptial agreement or cohabitation agreement in British Columbia is the issue of fairness. This is because to be enforceable in British Columbia a prenuptial agreement must meet the test for fairness.

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Divorce and Dower Rights in Alberta

Going through a divorce can create a number of issues that were never expected. Spousal support, child support, the division of matrimonial property and custody of children are generally areas that are known to those contemplating divorce or separation. 

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Hidden Assets During Divorce

One of the most important steps in any separation or divorce is the disclosure process. Before the parties can determine how to divide matrimonial debts and assets, both sides need a complete understanding of what those debts and assets are.

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What to expect in your family law mediation

Mediation is a great way to proceed in a family law case. We always canvass the possibility of mediation before going to court because mediation usually results in less acrimony after separation, it typically costs less than litigating a family law matter and because the mediation process is faster than court.

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Grandparent Rights

Grandparents are often highly valued in any family. However, when a divorce or separation occurs, they can often be placed to the side while the parents argue and litigate. 

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Alberta Family Law: Early Intervention Case Conference (EICC)

In response to the increasing number of Alberta family law litigants who are self-represented, the shortage of judges in Alberta relative to the province’s population and the ever increasing delays until family law cases can be heard in court, the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench implemented a pilot project requiring Early Intervention Case Conferences (EICCs) in certain family law cases. 

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