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University of Calgary | Law alumni drive change in legal profession

Coach My Case, which will launch in January in Alberta and British Columbia, is a completely online service that empowers self-represented litigants with legal assistance in the background while they run their case.

Welcome to our newest Calgary family lawyer, Gary Bhattal

Crossroads Law is very pleased to announce the addition of our newest Calgary family lawyer, Gary Bhattal. Gary has experience working on very large and complex family law litigation.

What is the Alberta Child Support Recalculation Program?

The Alberta Child Support Recalculation Program assists eligible parents who decide to use to the Program to recalculate their child support each year.

Can I get child support arrears when my child is over 19? Yes you can!

Sometimes child support is either not paid or underpaid and as a result arrears are owing that can be claimed in court or enforced by Maintenance Enforcement.

Coach My Case: A Revolution in Legal Representation

When it comes to game planning, everyone knows the value of a great coach. Soon, you will have one for all your legal needs.

What can I do if my ex refuses to pay support?

So you have been to court, you got a court order and your ex-spouse still refuses to pay child support or spousal support. What can be done?

Now hiring family lawyers

Crossroads Law is a busy and dynamic family law firm looking to hire a lawyer with two or more years of experience in family law and/or wills and estates in our Calgary location. The hours are flexible and remote work is optional. The Compensation is generous.

CBC NEWS Point of View: Love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage — but what about love and COVID?

Relationships are never easy, and many of them change and falter dramatically when children enter the picture. But what about when a global pandemic rears its infectious head? 

New Vancouver Family Law Associate

Crossroads Law is excited to announce the addition of Millad Ossudallah to our Vancouver office.

What to do if my ex-spouse is hiding money?

The question that comes up in many of my cases is what to do when one spouse is hiding money. Often this is just a hunch but sometimes there are facts that lead to urgent concerns.