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How do I Save Money on my Divorce Case
How do I Save Money on my Divorce Case?

Once you’ve decided it is best to separate from your spouse or partner you also need to decide the best process to resolve all outstanding issues. Especially during COVID-19 and this time of financial uncertainty, you want to make sure to spend your resources wisely.

Is my Family Law Case Considered Urgent
Is my Family Law Case Considered Urgent?

It is nearing two months since life changed drastically for all Albertans in response to the spread of COVID-19. The courts and the legal profession have made swift and major changes to their day-to-day operations, including the ongoing restriction of court sittings in Alberta including in family law.

Family loans during COVID 19 could create issues if divorce happens

The economy in Alberta has taken a huge hit due to COVID 19 and the price of oil hitting record lows. As a result, many more couples are receiving loans or gifts of cash from their families to help them get by. Normally, this is not a problem.  However, when couples separate or divorce it inevitably creates an issue.

How Do I Get An Annulment in B.C
How Do I Get An Annulment in B.C.?

We are often asked about how to obtain an annulment for a short-term marriage, however, there seems to be a common misconception that the duration of the marriage is what allows a person to obtain an annulment.

Sperm Donation Questions Answered by a Fertility Lawyer
Sperm Donation Questions Answered by a Fertility Lawyer

Donor insemination is a fertility procedure that involves transferring sperm obtained from a sperm donor into a woman’s reproductive tract at the time of ovulation by means other than sexual intercourse.

How to Deal With High Conflict Co parenting
How to Deal With High Conflict Co-parenting

Generally, having a child with another person means that you are going to have a relationship with that person for the rest of your life. In some cases, this relationship can be difficult as it may be a high conflict parenting relationship. 

what do i need to do when i separate
What do I need to do when I separate?

Deciding to separate from a spouse or partner is a difficult decision and one that people should not take lightly. Once the decision is made, our clients often do not know what to do next. The following are some things to consider if you have decided to separate from your partner.

Closeup of a child drawing in a notebook with coloured pencils on the floor
Child Protection Agreements British Columbia

In British Columbia, the Ministry of Children and Family Development (“MCFD”) is the government department tasked with child protection and managing the policies of the Child Family and Community Services Act (“CFCSA”).

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