Don’t have a lawyer and facing an examination for discovery?

Facing an examination for discovery or deposition in a family law case can be intimidating. The thought of sitting in a boardroom while an overzealous lawyer peppers you with questions and a stenographer looks on with cruel indifference can be the cause of many sleepless nights. This is especially true if you are self-represented and do not have a lawyer to advise and protect you. 

More and more often in family law cases, people are representing themselves. The reasons for this are many but most often it is due to a lack of funds to pay for a lawyer and being rejected by Legal Aid. This issue has gotten so bad that in some places the majority of family law files have at least one self-represented party. New models of legal services are required to deal with this issue and that is why Crossroads Law offers legal coaching and unbundled legal services to help people represent themselves better in family law cases. 

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