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Crossroads Law offering mediators at new low rates due to COVID 19

As predicted by many, we have now seen a significant increase in new divorce consultations as a result of COVID 19.

How Can I Make my Divorce Less Stressful: Tips From a Family Lawyer

Research tells us that divorce is the second most stressful event that can occur in a person’s life.

What is Collaborative Divorce and is it right for you?

Collaborative Divorce in Vancouver, also known as Collaborative Practice or Collaborative Law, is a voluntary and private dispute resolution process in which the parties commit to settling their matter outside of Court.

How to Resolve A Family Law Case? Mediation or Mediation/Arbitration?

One of the main goals of meeting with a family lawyer is to figure out how you can “be done” with the divorce process and reach a settlement. One of the most often used tools to reach a settlement are mediation or mediation-arbitration.

What to expect in your family law mediation

Mediation is a great way to proceed in a family law case. We always canvass the possibility of mediation before going to court because mediation usually results in less acrimony after separation, it typically costs less than litigating a family law matter and because the mediation process is faster than court.

Why Choose Mediation in a Divorce?

Separation and divorce can create a situation where neither party wants to work with the other in order to resolve their family law issues. However, in our experience family law mediation is a much better way to resolve a family law case

Don’t Get Tricked into A False Mediation

Mediation is always best… or is it? Many lawyers will propose mediation automatically as the default starting point in a family law dispute. While mediation is often the best place to start, sometimes starting with mediation can lead to wasted time and resources.