Precedent-setting ruling nets client $331,000 from ex-spouse

A client of Calgary and Vancouver family lawyer Marcus Sixta has recouped more than $300,000 from his estranged spouse following a precedent-setting ruling from the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

The spouse had siphoned hundreds of thousands of dollars from a family business during their marriage to fuel a gambling habit, court documents show. “Gambling corporate funds during the relationship was found to be dissipation of a family asset, and she will have to pay our client back,” says Sixta, founder of Crossroads Law. The court awarded the 64-year-old businessman more than $331,000, his half of the $663,000 of unauthorized company funds found to have been used for gambling by his ex-spouse.

The woman “regularly, and without authority, facilitated the use of company funds for the specific purpose of gambling,” wrote presiding Justice Joyce DeWitt-Van Oosten.

- Source: AdvocateDaily 

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