Holiday Parenting Made Simple: Expedited Mediations and Arbitrations with Crossroads Law

The holiday season is often marked by joy, celebrations, and time spent with loved ones. But for families navigating the complexities of separation or divorce, this time can be fraught with tension and uncertainty. The sooner you act, the less stress and uncertainty you'll face when the holidays roll around. Proactive planning keeps the focus where it should be, on celebrating the season and creating positive memories. Deciding on a holiday parenting schedule that works for both parents and their children can be challenging, but finding a suitable plan is essential for fostering a harmonious and child-focused environment throughout the festive season. 

Prioritize the Child's Needs 

Whether you primarily reside in British Columbia or Alberta, the respective Family Law Acts govern parenting time and emphasize the best interests of the child(ren) as a paramount consideration in determining parenting arrangements. Keeping the best interests of your child at the forefront not only fulfills legal obligations but also shields them from unnecessary stress, allowing them to fully enjoy the holiday season.

Children are perceptive and can sense tension between their parents. When creating any parenting plan, the focus should always be on minimizing stress and conflict, particularly during times meant for celebration and family. While no plan will satisfy every party in every detail, a fair, flexible, and child-centred approach to holiday scheduling can create positive memories for everyone involved.

Existing traditions can provide a sense of continuity for children, particularly in the wake of family changes such as divorce or separation. For instance, if a child has always spent Christmas day at their grandmother's house, it might be beneficial to maintain this tradition, especially soon after the separation.

That said, the introduction of new traditions can be equally important. It allows children to adapt and thrive in their new family dynamic. Flexibility in planning enables both parents to participate in special days, making the occasion more enjoyable for the child.

Addressing Holiday-Specific Concerns

The holidays often come with a unique set of challenges. Parents may place different levels of importance on certain days, creating potential for conflict. A well-thought-out plan can mitigate this. Objective third-party intervention can often illuminate the best path forward, making the planning process smoother and more equitable for everyone involved. For example, while one parent may want to spend the entirety of a holiday like Christmas or Hanukkah with the child, the child might actually find joy in celebrating the occasion twice — once with each parent.

Manage School Breaks

School breaks add another layer to consider in parenting plans, especially since December holidays often come with extended breaks. Sorting out the logistics well in advance of school eliminates eleventh-hour stress, providing children with a clear, stable schedule to look forward to. Parents have different options for managing this time, from splitting the break at the halfway point to having an "even or odd" year arrangement where one parent gets to spend the whole break with the children every alternate year.

How We Can Help

A stable, consistent parenting schedule doesn't just happen - it's carefully planned and, often, professionally mediated. If you're navigating the complexities of separation or divorce, it's important to address your holiday parenting arrangements well in advance to avoid last-minute stress and disappointment. That’s why Crossroads Law has introduced Expedited Holiday Parenting Mediation and Arbitration services. These services are specifically designed to help you resolve your holiday scheduling conflicts quickly and efficiently, providing an objective third-party perspective to ensure the best outcome for your family. Whether you're celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other special occasion, a well-thought-out plan ensures that everyone can enjoy the festive season. Don't let indecision steal your holiday joy. Check out the expedited holiday parenting services available in your province—whether that's British Columbia or Alberta—and let us help you create a harmonious, child-focused holiday season.

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