Crossroads Law is celebrating 2 years!

By Marcus Sixta, family lawyer and mediator 

It is hard to believe, but Crossroads Law has now been providing family law help in Vancouver and Calgary for two years. We are now six family lawyers strong and expanding into other areas including wills and estates and fertility law.

Just this year we welcomed Colin Ferguson and Melissa Salfi to our Vancouver office. Colin is an experienced and highly rated family lawyer and mediator with tons of experience in provincial court who is in trial almost every month. Melissa is a highly rated, compassionate family lawyer from Ontario who is developing our fertility law practice.

Also, in the last year, Crossroads Law has been involved in a number of high net-worth family property trials and arbitrations, including the published Brien v. Brien decision, in which we set a new precedent for recovering family assets that were stolen from a family company and gambled away. We also have a number of Court of Appeal decisions pending.

Moreover, we are seeing many clients with interjurisdictional cases. Many times, we represent clients with family law issues that involve both B.C. and Alberta. We have also been retained by individuals with interjurisdictional divorce issues involving the U.S.A., Australia, the United Kingdom, Russia, India, and Spain.

Furthermore, we have expanded our family law legal coaching and unbundled practice. We have seen dozens of cases in which individuals who wish to represent themselves after separation or divorce come to us for some assistance in the background like drafting court documents, preparing for court and assisting with research. We are committed to expanding this area of our practice further as we believe that the access to justice crisis in family law can be improved by giving people more options for legal assistance and reducing costs.

The family lawyers are Crossroads Law are grateful to have had the privilege of representing so many wonderful clients over the last two years and we look forward to assisting many more clients in the years to come.

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