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Is Cryptocurrency Considered Matrimonial Property?

As the interest in cryptocurrency investments continues to grow, a key question for separating or divorcing Canadians has been whether they must disclose and include their cryptocurrency when dividing matrimonial property.

Section 7 Expenses for Children with Special Needs

There are two main categories of child support in Canada under the Federal Child Support Guidelines.

Applying to Court for Parenting? Here's what you can expect.

Parenting is one of the most important and most common issues in the Court system, and ‘best interest’ of children often prompts people to want to move as quickly as possible. However, when going to Court, many are surprised...

Ask a Family Lawyer - Mediation Part 1

Check out our first video on mediation where Crossroads Law’s founder, Marcus Sixta, discusses the benefits of mediation over court as well as other forms of dispute resolution. Stay tuned for more!

BC Surrogacy Gone Wrong

In a highly unusual set of circumstances, a BC woman is seeking to be declared the legal parent of a 4-year-old girl, notwithstanding any surrogacy arrangement entered into with the child’s guardians.

The Divorce Act Has Changed... How?

Changes made to the Divorce Act on March 1, 2021 need to be understood by people going through the divorce process. For those already divorced, you might notice some tweaks to the language and terms.

Family lawyer Sarah Macdonald, joins the Crossroads Law team in Calgary

Crossroads Law is very happy to announce the addition of Sarah Macdonald as our newest senior associate family lawyer in our Calgary office.

Early Intervention Case Conferences (EICC): What is it and how do I prepare?

As the Courts continue dealing with an ever-present backlog of family law matters, judges look for ways to divert certain issues out of the traditional litigation process.

How does a separation affect your will?

Let’s say you have a Will in place. You named your spouse as a beneficiary and perhaps your young children as secondary beneficiaries, just in case something were to happen to you and your spouse.

A look at surrogacy laws around the world – Part 1

There are few things that give me greater joy as a lawyer than helping a surrogate or intended parents through their surrogacy journey.