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Cases tagged as Spousal Support

Cases in 2021

Bandpey v Talebpourazad, 2021 BCSC 7632021

Counsel of Record: Tanya Thakur

Case Summary: Tanya Thakur was successful in helping the claimant in this high-stakes divorce matter. The court set aside an existing marriage agreement and acknowledged that the defendant held undisclosed foreign assets. The claimant was granted a favourable division of assets, sole conduct of the sale of the family home, and lump sum spousal support.

Cases in 2020

Nott v Nott, 2020 BCSC 19622020

Counsel of Record: Matthew Katsionis

Case Summary: Matthew Katsionis successfully defended the respondent husband who had separated from his wife in 2011 and had a consent order in place since 2013. The claimant wife tried to overturn this order, claiming that her husband had lied about his income. The court found that the husband had not misrepresented his financial situation, especially as the wife had been his sole bookkeeper for nearly two decades. The wife's application to set aside the existing consent order was dismissed, maintaining the original terms.