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Cases in 2023

Eckert v Garnham, 2023 BCSC 552023

Counsel of Record: Millad Ossudallah 

Case Summary: In this case revolving around a disputed separation agreement, the claimant represented by Millad Ossudallah was successful in arguing that she was in a vulnerable state when she signed the agreement with her ex-spouse. The court agreed, noting she was in her final trimester of pregnancy, financially unstable, and without legal representation at the time. As a result, the agreement was set aside, leveling the playing field for the client in future legal proceedings.

Cases in 2021

Wang v Lapke, 2021 BCSC 27402021

Counsel of Record: Matthew Katsionis

Case Summary: Matthew Katsionis successfully represented the respondent in this family law case concerning dual citizenship for the parties children. Despite the claimant's push for Taiwanese citizenship, the court ruled in favor of the respondent, emphasizing the potential risks and complications involved in the matter. The decision not only safeguarded the children's well-being but also awarded costs to the respondent, affirming the need for careful consideration in cross-border family disputes. This outcome underscores the court's cautious approach to issues of international citizenship in family law. Raphaelle Labman · Fri, Apr 5

Cases in 2019

Alanen v Elliott, 2019 ABCA 2902019

Counsel of Record: Marcus M. Sixta

Case Summary: Marcus Sixta successfully defended the respondent wife in this case where the husband sought to overturn an interim costs award made in arbitration. The court declined to set aside the award, affirming that the husband had failed to provide sufficient evidence for an appeal. The court also noted that the issue was one of costs and would not impact the ongoing litigation, dismissing the applicant's case and leaving the interim costs award in favor of the respondent intact.