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Cases in 2023

BT v NC, 2021 BCPC 3822023

Counsel of Record: Matthew Katsionis

Conflict of Laws: Family law --- Guardianship – Parenting – Contact – Child support – Practice and procedure – Evidence

Case Summary: Matthew Katsionis skillfully represented the respondent in this high-stakes family law case, successfully countering claims related to child custody, property division, and spousal support. Utilizing a meticulously crafted legal strategy, Matthew exposed inconsistencies in the applicant’s claims. His efforts were validated when the court awarded the respondent joint custody, a fair property settlement, and reasonable spousal support.

Stokes v Heck, 2023 ABCA 392023

Counsel of Record: Marcus M. Sixta & Camille Boyer 

Case Summary: After years of conflict and legal battles, the wife in this case, represented by Marcus Sixta and Camille Boyer, secured a significant win in court. She was granted exclusive rights to list and access a property, which she successfully sold for more than what her husband had estimated. The court rejected her husband's attempt to stay or set aside the order, noting that he wouldn't suffer irreparable harm. The decision eased the wife's considerable debt and allowed her to receive overdue child support from the sale proceeds, ultimately favouring her in both property and financial matters.

Cases in 2021

Cryer v Geissinger, 2021 BCSC 24902021

Counsel of Record: Matthew Katsionis

Case Summary: Matthew Katsionis successfully represented the respondent in this complex family law case. The court granted the respondent’s 2021 application to dismiss the case for want of prosecution, noting the inordinate and possibly tactical delay on the part of claimant – biding time until the value of the respondent’s property rose from less than $1 million in 2013 to $3.4 million at the date of the hearing. Matthew’s astute legal strategies led to the discharge of a certificate of pending litigation registered against the respondent’s property as well as the dismissal of the claimant’s application for spousal support and property division.

Cases in 2019

Alanen v Elliott, 2019 ABCA 4852019

Counsel of Record: Marcus M. Sixta & Amanda Marsden

Case Summary: In this high-conflict divorce case, Marcus Sixta and Amanda Marsden were successful in having the respondent father found in contempt of court for breaching a court order and to pay costs to our client in the amount of $10,000. Despite a clear court order directing him to stop contacting the wife's professional advisors, the husband emailed her lawyer. His subsequent appeal was dismissed, reinforcing that he had knowingly violated the court's orders.

Cases in 2017

Stewart v Bosacki, 2023 BCCA 263 2017

Counsel of Record: Matthew Katsionis

Case Summary: Matthew Katsionis successfully represented the respondent husband in this complex family law dispute. The applicant wife sought multiple orders, including fines and back payments for child support. The husband managed to delay the hearing to properly prepare his case, although he was ordered to pay $10,000 for the delays. An attempt to appeal this fee was not successful, but it was a minor issue given the larger context and ongoing legal battle.