We understand that legal work can be expensive and that many people are very worried about how they will pay for a lawyer. Therefore, our billing practices are responsive to the needs of our clients. That’s why we offer flat rate fees for uncontested* services including the following:

  • Prenuptial/Marriage & Cohabitation Agreements ($2899)
  • Divorces ($1,499)
  • Divorces WITH children ($1,999) 
  • Separation Agreements ($2499)
  • Adoptions ($2999)
  • Adult Guardianship Applications ($2499)

Fertility Law

  • Sperm Donor Agreements ($1699)
  • ILA on Sperm Donor Agreement, flat rate of ($799)
  • ILA on Embryo Donation Agreement, flat rate of ($999)
  • ILA on Ova Donation Agreement, flat rate of ($899)
  • ILA on Surrogacy Agreement, flat rate of ($1,249)
  • Preparation of Surrogacy Agreement ($2,500)
  • Egg Donation Agreement ($1,699)
  • Embryo Donation Agreement ($1,699)

Wills and Estates

  • Wills ($699)
  • Will with power of attorney and personal directive ($899)
  • Mirrored Wills for a couple: ($1200)
  • Mirrored Wills with power of attorneys and personal directives for a couple: ($1500)

We will also assess files for the possibility of a flat rate fee, so please ask us if your case can be billed on a flat rate.

Some files may also be appropriate for contingency fees where we get paid only if you get paid. These are determined on a case by case basis and often require significant assets to be divided.

We also understand that many people would prefer to represent themselves to cut down on costs but want legal coaching for help in the background. This is why we provide unbundled services and limited scope retainers so you can retain a lawyer to give you help when you need it while you go to court on your own.

For other work, our lawyers bill on an hourly basis. All of our lawyers have different rates which change from time to time so please CONTACT US to find out more or to book a consult.

We also accept all major credit cards and e-transfers to simplify the payment process.

*uncontested matters are those in which the parties agree. If the parties do not agree on how to proceed, a flat rate will not apply and an hourly rate will apply based on the lawyer retained.

** Prices do not include tax and other filing fees