What are disbursements?

What are disbursements?

Disbursements are the extra expenses incurred by Crossroads Law in the process of handling your case. They are distinct from our lawyers' professional fees and represent out-of-pocket costs that the firm pays for related to your legal proceedings. 

When these expenses occur, they appear on your bill as "disbursements" for which you are responsible. It's important to note that disbursement fees can vary significantly depending on the specific needs and complexity of your case.

From time to time there may be large disbursements to be incurred. This includes but is not limited to expert reports or witness fees. Before we can incur such large disbursements, it will be necessary to have funds deposited in our trust account to cover the anticipated disbursements. In the event this happens, we will contact you to discuss the costs and requested funds in advance.

Common disbursements can include:

  • Postage
  • Court filing feesFees for obtaining expert reports
  • Cost of witness statements or deposition transcripts
  • Court reporter fees for official transcriptions
  • Travel expenses for out-of-town proceedings
  • Delivery or courier fees for legal documents
  • Fees charged by agents for conducting specific searches or registrationsAny other reasonable out-of-pocket
  • expenses incurred in relation to your matter

When your legal matter is resolved, the firm will retain $200 from your trust account to cover any remaining small disbursements. These funds are held for 60 days, and if no further disbursements arise, the remaining balance will be returned to you via eTransfer, direct deposit, or cheque as per your preference.