Our Process

Our Process 

At Crossroads Law, we are committed to providing expert and accessible legal advice, tailored to each client's unique situation. The following FAQ aims to provide insight into our processes and outlines what to expect at every stage of our professional relationship, from the initial consultation to the conclusion of your matter. We hope this will help prepare you for what lies ahead in your legal journey and ensure clear, open, and effective communication throughout our engagement.

Selecting the right family lawyer is more than just a matter of professional representation; it is about finding someone who can adequately navigate the nuances of your unique situation. Before booking a consultation with a lawyer, invest some time in reviewing their professional biography. This can give you valuable insight into their areas of expertise, their experience, and their approach to legal matters. This due diligence aids in fostering a strong lawyer-client relationship, enabling the lawyer to better serve your interests and the likelihood of a favourable outcome in your case. The right fit can make all the difference in your legal journey.

Once you’ve got a family lawyer in mind, there are several ways you can book your initial consult - give us a call at 1.800.466.1838 or book online.

Our Process

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At Crossroads Law, we prioritize client satisfaction and value feedback on our services. If you have concerns about your case or any of our staff, please discuss them with your assigned lawyer. If issues remain unresolved, your lawyer can escalate your concerns, or you can contact our office manager

When your legal issue is resolved or services are terminated, Crossroads Law will close your file. You'll get a closing letter detailing the closure and important aspects of your case. Any unbilled time will be invoiced, including a $50 closing fee.

After your initial consultation, if both parties agree to proceed, you'll begin the formal process of retaining your lawyer at Crossroads Law. This entails signing a retainer agreement detailing the lawyer-client relationship and a credit card authorization form for payments. Occasionally, an additional client questionnaire might be required for case specifics. Furthermore, a trust retainer is required, acting as a deposit for upcoming services.

Selecting the right family lawyer is vital for understanding the nuances of your situation. Research their professional biography for insight into their expertise and approach. To book a free 20-minute consultation, call 1.800.466.1838 or book online. Preparing involves noting questions, ensuring open communication, understanding confidentiality, summarizing your situation, and addressing concerns. If it exceeds 20 minutes, standard rates apply.

In family law, a conflict of interest arises when a lawyer or their firm has represented the opposing party, risking divided loyalties and compromising confidentiality. To uphold ethical standards and client trust, firms conduct a conflict check, mandated by Law Societies. This check requires your full name, any aliases, names of other involved parties, and prior legal representation. If a conflict is detected during your consultation scheduling, the firm will inform you and won't be able to represent you.

Open communication is crucial. Please update us on contact changes. Due to our busy schedules, we recommend emailing and including your lawyer's assistant for quicker responses. Our interactions are protected by "solicitor/client privilege," ensuring your data's privacy. This privilege is yours and applies mainly when seeking confidential legal advice. All other information remains confidential under strict ethical standards.