MediationCost-Effective Solution

The Costs of Mediation vs. Traditional Litigation

Mediation - Cost-Effective Solution

Mediation as a Cost-Effective Alternative

Various dispute resolution methods are available to separating couples’, each offering distinct approaches to resolving family law matters like divorce, division of family property, parenting, or child and spousal support and more. 

The Challenges of Traditional Litigation

While litigation is often the first avenue people consider for resolving family disputes, it's not always the most efficient or effective solution. Unfortunately, our justice system is overloaded and backlogged and there are long delays in getting matters heard which ends up dragging out the resolution process for months or even years. More importantly, for most separating couples, the cost of litigation is an important factor as the cost of legal representation can be restrictive.

Mediation Offers Streamlined and Cost-Conscious Solutions

In mediation, separating couples hire an independent third-party mediator to help resolve their disputes. The cost of the mediator is often shared between the parties thereby reducing fees to both. There are quality lawyers that provide mediation services in the range of $300 per hour, which when divided by two parties, is half the cost. When compared to each party retaining their own lawyer in the range of $250 to $800 per hour, per party, mediation is proven to be a cost-effective option.

Calculation Of Mediation Fees Per Party

  • $300/hr X 1, 8-hour mediation session = $2,400 plus GST & administrative fees 
  • Divided by two parties
  • = $1,200+ per party

The length of the mediation depends on the parties and their issues. Generally, mediation is faster than other forms of dispute resolution.

Separating couples can retain their own family lawyer to accompany them in mediation – provided the parties are agreeable. While this does result in additional costs to the parties, as they now have to pay for both a the mediator and their respective lawyers time mediation is a more efficient way to resolve a family law conflict. This upfront cost could potentially save thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in fees by avoiding litigation. Having independent counsel at a mediation also allows the parties to get on the spot legal advice and assist in a quick resolution while everyone is sitting at the same table.

Our Approach to Mediation

Traditional litigation can be time-consuming and expensive, sometimes exacerbating conflicts rather than resolving them. On the other hand, mediation stands out as a streamlined, cost-conscious option for resolving family law disputes. With the cost of a skilled mediator typically being shared between parties, mediation is significantly more affordable than other methods. Plus, it offers the flexibility of having independent legal advice on hand to facilitate a quicker resolution.

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