Helpful Links

The following resources* can help you on your journey as a self represented litigant and choosing the right path in family law.

This site provides a national resource for Canadians who are representing themselves in the courts. It contains useful links, blogs and other information.
This is where you can find useful resources for self represented litigants and those who are doing legal coaching.
Canlii is a free database that provides Canadian legal cases and legislation. This site is a must visit for anyone doing research about family law or any other legal area.


The Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta provides information and resources for the general public with the mission of improving access to justice.
The Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta has many useful publications and resources for those in a family law dispute or divorce.
If you are looking for information about the Alberta Courts when dealing with a divorce or separation, this is the official site.
Calgary Legal Guidance provides those in need with legal information and assistance. Their website has many useful resources.

Family Law:
This is a helpful page of frequently asked questions for anyone with a divorce matter.
The Alberta Human Rights Commission has provided this helpful website to provide information about paternity and maternity rights in Alberta.
The Alberta courts have provided this page to give the general public useful information on divorce and family law forms and processes in the courts.
This is a useful booklet on becoming a private guardian of a child in the child welfare system.
This government of Alberta website provides information on how to access a free family law court counsellor.


The courts of British Columbia have provided this website which gives information and resources including court forms. Useful in any divorce or family law action.
Provides online information on a variety of legal topics for those in British Columbia, including family law information.
Helpful information for self represented litigants in BC.
Legal Aid B.C. provides resources and B.C. family lawyers for those with limited means.
A great resource for self represented litigants with publications in many legal areas including family law

Family Law:
Family law and divorce information by the Legal Services Society.
Legal Services Society provides many useful links and resources for those in a family law or divorce matter.
Online course from the Justice Education Society on separation and divorce.

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