What Does Legal Coaching Cost?

What Does Legal Coaching Cost?

A more affordable way to get legal help

With legal coaching or unbundled family law services from Crossroads Law, you maintain control of your file, deciding what services you need at a cost you can afford!

Tailored to empower you as a self-represented individual, our legal coaches work in the background of your file, guiding your through your family law journey. Let us know what specific aspects of your case you need help with, and we’ll be here to assist! This approach not only puts you in control of your legal process but also significantly influences the overall cost, ensuring you only pay for the support you require.

Unlike traditional, full-service legal representation, our legal coaching services are more budget-friendly option requiring modest retainers starting at only $500 to reflect the reduced need for comprehensive legal services.

Our legal coaches, who are experienced family lawyers, bill their services based on their hourly rates, which varies depending on who you decide to work with. We maintain complete transparency in billing and encourage our coaching clients to let us know if there are budgetary restrictions so we can work with you to maximize the services you receive at a cost you can afford. Legal coaches bill their time in 15-minute increments (represented as 0.1 on your invoice), so you are only billed for the time our lawyers actively spend on your file.

We also offer various divorce and family law services at a flat-rate. This option allows you to know the exact cost upfront, aiding in better financial planning. For a more detailed overview of our billing practices, visit our
 billing information page here.