Helpful Links for Legal Coaching

Helpful Links for Legal Coaching

The following resources* can help you on your journey as a self-represented litigant and choosing the right path in family law.


CanLii is a free database that provides Canadian online access to judicial decisions, legislative documents, and various types of secondary law materials. This site is helpful for those conducting legal research.

National Self-Represented Litigants Project (NSLRP) 

The NSLRP website provides national resources for Canadians who are representing themselves in court. It contains useful links, blogs and other information. They also have a comprehensive list of resources available across Canada for self-represented litigants. 


Alberta Courts
If you are looking for information about the Alberta Courts when dealing with a divorce or separation, this is the official site. They also have helpful publications explaining court processes and copies of all divorce and family law forms.

Calgary Legal Guidance (CLG)
Committed to bridging the gaps and providing specialized supports to those who have been historically underserved, CLG empowers low-income and marginalized communities offering free, confidential legal information, advice, and advocacy.

Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta (CPLEA)
CPLEA provides information and resources to the general public with the mission of improving access to justice. They also have useful publications and resources for those navigating divorce or other family law disputes. 

Government of Alberta – Family Court Assistance
This website is for self-represented litigants and provides information on how to access a free family law court counsellor. Family court counsellors can help you to prepare for court and can discuss your issues, explore your options, and can provide you with referrals.

Legal Aid Alberta
Legal Aid Alberta is a publicly funded, non-profit organization offering affordable legal services and information across Alberta, including Calgary, Edmonton, and other major cities.


Provides online information on a variety of legal topics for those in British Columbia, which includes family law and court information.

The Courts of British Columbia
If you are looking for information about the BC Courts when dealing with a divorce or separation, this is the official site. They also have helpful publications, forms, and resources for self-represented litigants.

Legal Aid BC
Legal Aid BC offers a variety of free services, primarily for those with low incomes, including information through publications, websites, and legal navigators, as well as advice and representation by lawyers.

People’s Law School
People's Law School is a non-profit organization in British Columbia focused on making the law accessible to all by providing free legal education and information.

*Crossroads Law does not own or control any of the information in any of these links, nor does Crossroads Law have any financial interest in any of these organizations.