I really appreciated Marcus' approach to my file. He was always the voice of reason and I believe that his sound and timely advice led to the best possible outcome for me. I appreciated his ability to cut through the nonsense and focus on the important issues while having empathy for the whole family. It was clear that he had my family's best interest at heart.

Marcus was a strong and knowledgeable resource that kept me well informed throughout the process. Something I feel is very valuable in any lawyer is to minimize surprises and provide transparency from the very start. Marcus and his team did this for me and made me feel a valuable and respected client. I would recommend Marcus to anyone seeking legal advice especially when it comes to the divorce process. His honest and trustworthy personality helped me feel comfortable through an otherwise uncomfortable time of my life. My son and I are forever grateful for all you have done Because of your hard work, our lives are better and you have helped secure my son's future. Thank you is not enough to express my gratitude.

Marcus is an extremely knowledgeable lawyer and I was glad to have him guide me through the entire experience. He gave me honest, thoughtful feedback on how to successfully navigate the process and you can tell that he has his clients' best interest at heart. I owe him a debt of gratitude for all that he's done for me.

Marcus has a great way of distilling the important, valuable, and nascent points out of my ramblings. During mediation he was aggressive when it was needed, and he was calculating/strategic/defensive when that was needed. He is my voice of reason and he's got my back (even if that means telling me to rewrite that scathing email I typed in a fit of rage). I trust Marcus with my family law issues and I will remain his client for as long as I have to deal with my ex. Thank you, Marcus, for being my champion and my guide when I needed it the most.

Over the past year, my kids and I have had to navigate some very difficult waters in terms of custody and my children’s preference on living with me at home.  None of this process comes naturally, easily or in a package that most people can understand, and we have relied heavily and very successfully on Mat’s experience, knowledge and compassion.  We have been extremely fortunate to have finally found Mat in the process of all of this, and he has earned the respect and most importantly, the trust of both my children and myself, which as he knows, is no small feat.

Mat has always provided extremely sound advise even when I’m unsure that I want to hear it, and has personally guided me through the pitfalls that are so prominent throughout this challenging time.  I personally attest and recommend Mat for anyone who finds themselves in my position from not only a professional standpoint, but a personal one.  This whole thing is very hard and emotionally draining, and Mat has been there to help my kids and I literally every step of the way.  It will always be appreciated and remembered.

I have nothing but positive things to say about Amanda!  She is a very caring and companionate individual with a big heart and a level of understanding and commitment that goes above and beyond. From the very first time I spoke with her, I knew she would put the needs of my family and I first.  She is very knowledgeable with the legal process, is not afraid to research different ways to ensure my needs are met and is beyond patient when answering all of my questions (sometimes more than once!).  I am confident in placing my trust in Amanda and her abilities and I feel very fortunate to have found her.  She has been an unbelievable lifeline for me during this very stressful, scary and emotional roller coaster.

Mat comes highly recommended from one who has walked the journey of divorce. As I started my own journey, I interviewed a number of lawyers and chose to work with Mat.  He listened attentively and then gave advice that, while not always what I wanted to hear, was what I needed to hear. He has the patience to sort through the tangled details of a messed up matrimonial situation, and has the skill and knowledge to ask questions that focused and guided me through the legal process and the emotional devastation that divorce brings. I recommend Mat highly, he is skilled, patient and above all, ethical. 

After haggling with my ex for more than three years over a separation agreement and failing to persuade her even to attend mediation, I approached Melissa Salfi at Crossroads for help. Since I live in BC and my ex had moved with our daughter from BC to Alberta, I needed lawyers I could easily access and who could bring an action in an Alberta court if necessary. Since Crossroads has offices and great lawyers in both BC and Alberta, they were the right fit for me. Melissa Salfi helped me in Vancouver and referred me to Camille Boyer, who is based in Calgary, when I needed to start a court action in Alberta. On my first meeting with Camille on Zoom, I found her to be clear-minded, sharp and receptive. She immediately gave me my legal options, all of which I found to be sound, and I had no problem making up my mind. After only a few days, she filed a Notice to Attend Docket Court in the Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta and we served it on my ex. Because of Camille's strategizing, the filing alone was enough to bring my ex back to the negotiating table and I had my previously intractable issues solved without going to court. I have nothing but praise for both lawyers I worked with at Crossroads.